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Our exceptional tennis program is completely directed by our established tennis pros who have been with us for over 25 years.  We are fortunate to have long time connections to Curtain Bluff Hotel in Antigua WI, where several of our USPTR certified tennis staff work as pros teaching tennis full time.  Tennis is a large program for us at MTC, and we encourage even the most novice player to try tennis.  Our experienced tennis players will enjoy high level instruction on our courts, and will be slotted into beginner to advanced instructional periods.  While tennis is not required of any camper, we encourage all campers to benefit from our team of tennis pros, who have unparalleled enthusiasm for teaching!

As an additional program, MTC offers PRIVATE LESSONS with our team of pros for additional fees.  Whatever level player, our private lessons are intended to improve the camper’s game.  If your camper is interested and you would like to enroll in privates or semi-privates, please review details below and register here.

Private Lessons

1 hour private: $80

½ hour private: $45

Semi-Private Lessons

(2 persons for lessons.  Camp pros will assign campers together based on ability level).

1 hour semi-private (2 persons): $130

Lesson Package Deals

3 one-hour lessons $225

5 one-hour lessons $350

7 one-hour lessons $455

All lesson packages include complimentary one hour “hitting session” (one on one with a pro, inclusive of strategy in game play situations).

Our pros spend time with each camper, providing individualized instruction, with drills and repetition focusing specifically on forehand, backhand, serve and volley drills.

Lessons are given during the campers’ free period (5-6pm) or after dinner hours before 8pm so that campers do not miss their regular camp activities.

Note that there are NO refunds for unused lessons.  Please speak to your camper and emphasize importance of commitment to private lessons.

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