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Creative Arts

Silversmithing / Jewelry Making

One of our most popular classes, silversmithing & jewelry gives campers the opportunity to create their own earrings, rings, bracelets, charms, and necklaces in silver, copper, bronze, clay and glass— the possibilities are endless! Our studio instructors teach you how to design using all of the equipment safely and yet give you the freedom needed to create your own masterpiece.


Campers learn the fundamentals of photography with manual 35mm film cameras, and the photography studio teaches campers how to develop film in a traditional black and white darkroom. For more advanced photographers we offer alternative processing that allows photo manipulation and makes use of special processing techniques. Classes include beginner to advanced levels in portrait, action, still life, landscape, and alternative methods.

Film Making

With our digital video cameras, software, equipment, and knowledgeable staff, we make it easy for campers to be the director, producer, and star of a short film or video project. We stress editing skills, story development, and sound production — the basics for great filmmaking.

Stained Glass

A creative window on the world develops in our lakeside stained glass studio equipped with all the tools needed to make a masterpiece. Staff safely teach all the techniques involved in creating gorgeous art pieces, mirrors, kaleidoscopes and more.


Campers learn to hand build, throw pots on the wheel, sculpt, fire, and glaze their works of art! Many make their own mugs, dishes, or figurines. Our instructors will help guide through the process so that everyone can take home a little piece of camp.


Blacksmithing is an ancient trade, but at MTC it is one of most recent creative arts additions. Campers learn the five fundamental techniques of forging and get to exercise their creativity in a very different medium – steel. The basic tools of hammer and anvil, fire and tongs along with safety equipment, good instruction and respect for the forge are all campers need to create a unique souvenir of their summer, and hopefully light a fire (pun intended!) on a lifelong interest.

Painting (Watercolors, Oils, Acrylics, Airbrush)

Art classes offer a great opportunity to capture the natural beauty surrounding MTC in a lasting memory you can admire for years to come. Campers learn painting techniques by exploring a variety of subject matter, in a variety of media, working from direct observation or creating designs from their imagination depending on the class.

Tie-Dye / Fabric Arts

In tie-dye, campers create crazy and colourful clothing creations to wear around camp as well as take home to amaze their friends. Any pattern you can imagine can be tie-dyed including spirals, bullseyes, hearts and even peace signs. Combine your pieces with airbrush to provide even more creative options.

Other Creative Arts

  • Drawing and Sketching

  • Beading

  • Fashion Design

  • Sculpture

  • Knitting

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