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Upon Arriving at MTC

The arrival day is very hectic, as all campers are arriving throughout the day. Our counselors will be there to meet campers and get them settled in cabins. Campers pick a bed and unpack belongings then meet lots of new friends! Following dinner, we have a short evening program or Welcome Show, then all campers return to their cabins to get to know counselors, who go over some camp rules.

On the first full day at camp, campers will tour the grounds, meet with program instructors, and then choose the five activities that will make up an individual schedule for that week. Campers try their activities and may switch into another class if they wish. Our Program Director is there to help campers get the most enjoyment out of each schedule.

The First Day of Camp


A Typical Day

8:00am – Wake up
8:30am – Breakfast
9:00am – Morning meeting
9:30am – 1st period
10:45am – 2nd period
12:00pm – 3rd period
1:00 to 1:45pm – Lunch
1:45 to 2:30pm – Quiet time
2:45pm - 4th period
4:00pm  – 5th period
5:15pm – 6th period
6pm – Evening meeting
6:15pm – Dinner, Cabin and Free time
8:00pm – Evening program
10:00pm – Get ready for bed
11:00pm – LIGHTS OUT!


Daily Schedule

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