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Meet Freshworks’ AI-driven Customer Service Suite

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Customer service, IT, and CRM software that’s powerful yet easy to use. Now supercharged with generative AI.

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Trusted by 60,000+ businesses of all sizes

Happy customers. Energized employees. That’s impact.

Choose one. Or all. You’ll see better customer relationships and happier employees—without the bloat, hassle, and expense of typical business software. Plus, you’ll get plenty of help from Freddy AI.

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Reducing our no-show rate was important to have higher utilization of our sales team. With Freshsales, we brought it down to about 20%, and time is money.

Mike HopkinsSenior VP, Sales and Service, Blue Nile
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Freshservice is so intuitive and user-friendly. Our end-users find it very simple to raise a ticket and support agents are able to easily transfer tickets within departments.

Christy CooperSenior IT Operations Analyst, Alterra Mountain Company
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We use Freshservice for everything, and that just makes it really easy—regardless of what you need as an employee—to know that you can always just go to this tool and you're going to get whatever you need.

Rey DavilaSystem Administrator, Allbirds
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Freshworks is 5,000+ employees across 13 global locations focused on one goal: to help more people find success. Come do your best work with us.

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