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50 checks at 1 minute intervals, free forever. Monitor HTTP/HTTPS URLs, Web Sockets, ICMP Ping, TCP, UDP, DNS from 10 global locations and prevent false-positives.

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Get notified via tools that work for your team

Receive alerts via Email or SMS. Integrate your website monitoring seamlessly with different tools, such as Slack and Twilio. Configure Webhooks to set up a customized alert channel that works for your business, and so much more!

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Understand website problems at a glance

Tackle website downtimes or performance issues with detailed incident history and outage analysis reports. With Freshping, be the first to know what exactly happened that might have caused the downtime.

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Inform your customers with public status pages

Be transparent. Get 5 Public Status Pages to display uptime or incidents. Set a custom domain and add custom branding for a 100% authentic customer experience. Showcase your website’s uptime history and current status by embedding real time Status Badges on your webpage.

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