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with No-code Analytics

Powerful Analytics Engine, tailor-made for Freshworks users.


Analytics in all forms you prefer

Analytics for anyone

With our no-code platform, any team member can build reports & dashboards. No queries, SQL, or training required.

Analytics anywhere

Work from home, anywhere, or on the go - Freshworks Analytics has your back. Be it desktop or mobile.

Analytics Customized

Customize your reports to styles that matches with that of your team - change colors, widget sizes, or metrics to your team's needs.

Power-packed features to help with business insights

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Leaders across industries love Freshworks Analytics

university of aberdeen university of aberdeen

"In just eight weeks, we had everything up and running and importantly, analytics from day one. The beauty of the platform is that anyone can take information from the frontline service desk team and turn it into actions."

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sify sify

"We were able to gather intent data from email engagement and profile our audience and market to niches better. In a nutshell, the CRM became integral to our organization, rather than a supporting force."

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vice vice

"The widgets are super useful.
I could think up what I wanted and
it was either A, already there, or B,
just really customizable to allow
me to quickly and easily pull the data
I want."

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Analytics is built for for every Freshworks Customer