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Meet Freshworks’ AI-driven Customer Service Suite

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A powerful Sales CRM that helps you sell smarter and close deals faster

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Build a high-performing sales team and grow your revenue

Drive productivity and revenue growth with the ultimate sales tech stack


Swiftly identify high-intent leads and accelerate follow-up

Freddy AI’s contact scoring feature helps you prioritize and personalize your customer engagement by providing a deeper understanding of customer behavior on your website or app.

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Harness the power of intelligent sales insights to drive revenue

Maximize efficiency and find the best deals to close with AI-powered deal insights. Get smart recommendations and predictions to optimize your sales strategy.

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Automate your work and get more done

Assign leads, send emails, add tasks, update fields, create reminders, and more—automatically. With behavior-based sales sequences, scale outreach faster and more efficiently.

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Unified CRM for your sales, marketing, and support teams

Break down silos and give your customer-facing reps a single source of truth across every step of the customer journey with Freshsales Suite.

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Businesses love Freshsales

Reducing our no-show rate was important to have higher utilization of our sales team. With Freshsales, we brought it down to about 20%, and time is money.

Mike HopkinsSenior VP, Sales and Service, Blue Nile
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Over the last year, we’ve acquired 10X more customers and are rapidly scaling. To our surprise and relief, through this busy phase, the time spent on administrative tasks by teams dropped by 20%.

AlexandraCRM Operations Manager, Humn
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We were able to gather intent data from email engagement and profile our audience and market to niches better. In a nutshell, the CRM became integral to our organization, rather than a supporting force.

Arun RajamaniHead – Digital Sales, Sify
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