Does your service desk make the life of an IT agent and users easy?

If your answer NO to this (like a lot of Sysaid customers), you have come to the right place. A service desk should not just help users solve issues but help them avoid them. In other words, your service desk should have features that are proactive, powerful and easy to adopt. Freshservice, ticks all these boxes (and more) and ensures your users are never left lurching because of lack of capabilities in your service desk.

If you truly want a robust service desk, and are looking for an alternative to SysAid, Freshservice is your answer.

Why is Freshservice considered the best alternative to SysAid?

Let your users pick and choose new services

Gone are the age old days having long threads of email exchanges for requesting a new service. With Freshservice, you can replicate an online shopping experience for requesting new services. Let your employees identify the services they need from the portal. Offer multiple services based on different departments and eliminate errors in request fulfillment process.

With Freshservice’s service catalog you can create your own approval workflows to fulfill requests on time. Provide your users with a smart, hassle-free portal similar to shopping online, to request for services – be it onboarding kits or software

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Ensure your agents love the service desk and stay motivated

Freshservice is made for the workforce of today. Agents hate coming back to a service desk that’s boring, clunky and has a redundancy element to it. That’s the reason we have an in-built gamification module. Award points and incentivise your agents based on actions like tickets solved, SLA compliance, contribution to the KB etc. Now your agents will have some fun while supporting

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Never let contracts slip through the cracks

One of the many features that truly set us apart from Sysaid is built-in contract management. With our contract management module, you can maintain a record of all your organization’s contracts with third party vendors. Ensure you stay on top of renewals and termination of contracts and never let a deadline slip through the cracks. Be it software or hardware, we’ve got your back.

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A service desk that’s truly personal in every aspect

A service desk needs to be something that’s personal to your organisation. One of the major reasons why many SysAid customers choose us over them is the extent of customisation possible with our portal. Theme, self-service portal, email templates, icons, UI elements, you name it and we got a way you can customise it. Setting up Freshservice is as easy as playing with lego blocks. You can also customise templates for non-IT teams like HR, finance, legal, and others without shelling out extra bucks!

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Rain or shine, get our unparalleled support

One of the major drawbacks with many ITSM vendors is post-purchase support. All seems fine till you purchase their ITSM tool, and they you’re left lurching to figure out things by yourself post that. Even worse, you are charged for support and implementation (or provided with a substandard one) when you need them. When you come on-board with us, you sign up for a high-quality unparalleled support 24 hours a day 5 days a week. Unlike our competitors we don’t charge for support, as we believe in setting you up for success and enjoy the aspect of you delighting your end users. Our rating in G2 crowd for quality of support (9.3/10) compared to SysAid’s (8.1/10) is a testament to this!

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