Are unnecessary features slowing your IT service?

Most of the ITSM software have features that you hardly use. Having spoken to more than 20,000 IT folks, we have seen that they tend to use just 20% of all the features that are present in an ITSM software. So why end up paying for features that you hardly use? Freshservice offers a feature packed service desk that makes you efficient and is extremely affordable.

If you’ve been scouting for a service desk that’s an alternative to SaManage, you won’t be let down by Freshservice.

Why is Freshservice considered the best alternative to SaManage?

Do it once, do it twice, Automate!

Freshservice comes with suite of automation features that makes the life of an agent easier. With automation capabilities like smart automator, scenario automations, scheduler, auto assignment, auto suggest, automating redundant tasks is a breeze with Freshservice. Our customers have seen a 20% improvement in productivity by automating simple tasks. Imagine how much money and time you could save by fully capitalising on our automation capabilities.

do it once do it twice automate 2x

Get off the ground in less than 1 day

One of our strongest suits in the crowded ITSM space is the speed at which you can go live. Our unparalleled in-house implementation experts ensure that your transition from your existing vendor is smooth sans any hiccups. We have had migrations done in 8 hours straight. Our users have rated the ease of implementation at (9.1/10) compared (8.8/10) of SaManage’s. It’s a testament to how much we want you to succeed. And unlike most of our competitors, we don’t charge for implementation, for your success is as important as ours! Also, our simple and clean UI ensures you have very linear learning curve.

get off the ground in less than 1 day 2x

Why shouldn’t IT agents have some fun?

IT agents are always under the hammer and pressed for time. There are times when IT folks might hate your service desk owing to the redundancy. Enter Freshservice’ Gamification- A smart way to engage and motivate your IT agents. Turn your service desk into a gaming platform by awarding points and incentivising agents based on tasks like contribution to KB, SLA compliance et al. Your agents will not just be more productive, but will enjoy the process of IT support.

why shouldn t it agents have some fun 2x

Wherever you go, our support will follow you

Choosing a service desk is not a small decision. It’s probably one of the biggest investments you will make as an IT person. It’s pivotal that your ITSM vendor supports you in every step, and becomes a co-owner of your success. That’s exactly what you get with Freshservice. We’re here to support you round the clock - on phone, email, chat and with an exhaustive self service portal! Our support comes with a ‘no-strings attached’ approach and is independent of the plan you’re in.

wherever you go our support will follow you 2x

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