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Localize Your Multilingual Customer Support in Just a Few Clicks with Lingpad app. Try free today!
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Unleash the Potential of Multilingual Support with Lingpad! Prepare to conquer global markets with ease as Lingpad empowers your brand to deliver unparalleled customer support localization. Bid farewell to language barriers, cultural hiccups, and draining workflows. Lingpad is here to redefine the way you connect with customers across borders! Businesses use Freshdesk to build and deliver amazing customer experiences. But, what if your customers demand engagement in a language that your customer agents don’t understand? Don’t worry! Lingpad app for Freshdesk has got your back. We have worked with clients like ABInBev, Rebtel, Veo, Renewtrak, Luxreaders, and more and bring this expertise and experience to our translation app for Freshdesk! Rebtel saw an increase of 7.5% in their CSAT score and a 100% growth in multilingual ticket volume. Would you like to witness Lingpad in action? Check out this demo video: Save Valuable Time, Resources, and Costs: ⚡ Streamlined Automation: Revolutionize your localization process with our cutting-edge workflow systems and AI-driven translations. • Amplify Productivity: Empower your agents to accomplish five times the work with one-click automation, eliminating manual input and supercharging efficiency. • Cost-Effective Localization: Watch your budget stretch further with our competitive pricing, helping you achieve exceptional results without breaking the bank. Seamless Language and Cultural Adaptation: • Flawless Translations: Break down language barriers effortlessly using our AI-powered translations, capturing context and meaning flawlessly. Connect with customers on a deeper level. • Cultural Sensitivity: Tailor your support to fit diverse cultural preferences, ensuring your brand resonates with customers around the globe. Lingpad helps you build meaningful connections. Effortless Integration, Limitless Possibilities: • Seamlessly Integrated CRM: Lingpad seamlessly integrates with the top CRM platforms, harmonizing your support operations without a hitch. ⏱️ Streamlined Workflows: Wave goodbye to repetitive tasks as automation takes center stage, freeing up your team to focus on delivering exceptional support experiences. Consistency Breeds Triumph: • Unified Brand Experience: Create a consistent brand experience across markets, transcending language and location. Lingpad guarantees your brand values and standards shine through every interaction. • Improve CSAT and NPS scores: Our customer-centric approach ensures that your CSAT and NPS scores attain proficiency. Our customers have seen their scores boost to over 90% in a short span after using Lingpad for Freshdesk. Integrate now to step up your customer-service game! Embark on the Global Support Revolution with Lingpad! Witness the transformative power of AI-driven localization, saving you time, resources, and costs. Join the ranks of leading brands that have harnessed the potential of global success. Sign up with Lingpad today and witness your customer support soar beyond borders!
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