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Ticket Parsing App

Get your specific Freshdesk ticket field updated automatically by just configuring the pattern.
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With the help of Ticket Parsing app update a specific ticket field by parsing the defined pattern from subject or description of the ticket. Example: Every e-commerce ticket will have a contract number associated with it, which will be specified either in the subject or in the description. Parsing app looks for the pattern of the contract number and matches it with the patterns coming in the subject or description and then updates the contract field of the ticket. Let's say an 8 digit pattern is defined and first 3 digits are alphabets and last 5 digits are numerals, then if a pattern like MDM12345 is found in the subject then it will be updated as contract number.
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App installation instructions: 1. Click on Install button against the App name Connect Freshdesk: 2. Provide Freshdesk domain name and API key 3. Click on validate to validate the details entered Configuration: 4. Select the ticket field to be updated with the parsed text 5. Select whether the pattern need to looked in subject or description or both the places 6. Define the regex pattern by specifying each field (For more details check the video) 7. Add condition if there are any to be considered for the pattern

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Published by Konnectify
about 4 months ago
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