Connect your store  

There are two ways to get started with Freshmarketer for Shopify: Shopify Marketplace (new users) and Freshworks Marketplace (current users). 

If you're an existing CRM user 

If you have an existing CRM account, you can connect it with Shopify from the Freshworks Marketplace. You can also set up the integration from the Shopify app store. 

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If you're new to Freshmarketer 

Connect your Shopify store with Freshmarketer from the Shopify Marketplace. You can sign up for Freshmarketer right from Shopify and get started. 

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Sync your Shopify data 

Once you connect your store to Freshmarketer, your Shopify data gets auto-synced. This includes customers’ purchase history, shopping habits, communication preferences, and more. 

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Configure your account

Set up your CRM the way you prefer. Invite your teammates and set up roles and permissions. Customize data you want to see, lifecycle stages, lead scoring, chat widget, and more. 

Invite teammates

Team members can access customer data, create campaigns, and engage with customers and prospects. Control access for each team member based on their role in your company.

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Verify your email and domain

Email address verification is necessary to start sending email campaigns; it helps improve your email deliverability. 

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Manage customers

Get a 360-view of your contact across sales, marketing, and support touchpoints. View personal data, shopping history, conversations, and more information on the contact profile. 

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Create Shopify lists and segments

Group your contacts into lists and segments to send targeted campaigns with personalized messages and offers. Choose from pre-built segments like abandoned cart, viewed products, or create your own. 

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Customize your chat widget

Modify the chat widget to match your brand’s style. Add your logo, choose from colors and backgrounds, and set up online hours to serve your website visitors. 

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Set up your channels

Connect your channels with the CRM to start engaging with your buyers and meet them where are. 


Send personalized email campaigns that increase CTRs and drive purchases. Customize your emails with the drag-and-drop editor, choose from pre-built templates, and add your brand imagery to match your style.  

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Web/Live chat

Set up a chat widget on your website to interact with new visitors and repeat customers in real-time. 

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Connect your WhatsApp business account to engage with buyers via WhatsApp. Create Message Templates on Facebook to trigger WhatsApp notifications. Set up chatbots to run chat flows on WhatsApp.

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Google Business Messages

Manage and respond to customer queries raised on your business listing hosted on Google Maps and Google Search. 

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Apple Message for Business

Engage with customers, respond to their questions, resolve issues, and complete transactions from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch through iMessage.

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Reach out to customers via SMS to share order updates, reminders, and other transactional messages.  

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Bring all your LINE conversations, including images and hyperlinks, into the CRM.

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Instagram DM

Manage and respond to comments on your post, story replies & story mentions, and direct messages within the CRM. 

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Facebook Messenger

Read, respond, and manage queries on Facebook Messenger. Route Facebook messages to specific agents or groups. You can also improve deflection by deploying bots on your Facebook channel.

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Launch multichannel journeys 

Set up Journeys with easy-to-use playbooks and trigger campaigns across channels—email, WhatsApp, SMS, and chat.

Create your journey from scratch

Automate personalized campaigns across multiple channels—email, SMS, chat, WhatsApp with Journeys. Segment audience based on actions and events to trigger the next best action.

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Choose from pre-built Shopify Playbooks

Get started with journeys using Shopify-specific playbooks to run campaigns and follow-up actions for common use cases like order confirmation, cart abandonment, post-purchase feedback, and more.

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Reach the right audience with Segments

Create audience segments based on their demographic, behaviour, order history, website journey, and more. 

Personalize customer experiences with Shopify-based Segments

Segment buyers based on placed orders, items in cart, abandoned cart, and more and set up personalized campaigns for each segment.

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Identify customers based on their order history and preferred products

Use segments to identify your top-valued customers based on their past purchases and also know the products they're viewing next. Send them timely discounts and offers to nudge them into completing their purchase. 

Convert website visitors into paying customers

Use segments to identify first-time website visitors and catch their attention with timely offers, customized discounts, and personalized promotions. 

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Automate marketing campaigns 

Trigger the right message at the right time on channels of choice to increase engagement and promote your products. 

Email campaigns     

Create, design, and deliver email campaigns to build better customer relationships and improve conversions.    

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WhatsApp campaigns

Send promotional messages, re-engage with cart abandoners, and offer support to customers with WhatsApp campaigns.  

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SMS campaigns

Create SMS campaigns to keep customers in the loop on new offers, order updates, reminders, and more. Preview your message while crafting it and send test messages to see how the customer would receive it.   

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Chat campaigns

Run triggered or targetted messages on your website to engage with your audience at the right time, promote products, and accelerate conversion.

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Personalize emails with Shopify coupon codes

Add Shopify coupon codes to your email campaigns to recover abandoned carts, drive repeated purchases, and boost your conversion rates.

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Add recently viewed items to re-engage shoppers

Target the hottest leads via emails, interest them with their recently viewed products, and redirect them to your website to drive conversions

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Bring cart abandoners back to the website

Reclaim abandoned carts by sending them the right message at the right time with enticing offers and nudge your customers to complete their purchase.

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Target website visitors

Engage with website visitors on chat; target them with exclusive offers and discounts personalized for the products they are viewing. 

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Win lost sales with back in stock notifications

Send automated notifications to customers who have opted in to know when their favorite products are restocked.

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Automate queries with bots

Reduce first-time response to customer queries with intelligent bots. Set up workflows to handle order and payment-related queries; for advanced queries, the bot can assign the conversation to an agent. 

Set up bots with ready-made templates

Get started with bots that work for you, based on industry and use case. Modify the bot to meet your needs, preview the changes, and deploy it on your website with ease. 

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Resolve queries faster with FAQs

Speed up your resolution time and deflect common queries with FAQs. Create FAQ articles about the topics your customers ask the most and help them find answers faster.

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Route conversations to experts

Auto-assign incoming conversations to the right member by defining rules. Set rules based on the content of the message and/or any information about the user or contact which you can track using chat.

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Set up WISMO bots

Set up chat bots to interact with customers and trigger the right action based on the customer’s input. Customers can get faster resolution for queries like WISMO, order confirmation, shipping details, and more.

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Manage your conversations 

Bring all your customer conversations from across different channels to one place. 

View conversations in one place with Agent Inbox

With the Agent Inbox, you get context into customers’ purchase history, their previous conversations, items in cart, and more to resolve queries faster. 

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Analyze your campaigns 

Monitor your Shopify store performance with the e-commerce dashboard.

Monitor Shopify store performance in Freshmarketer

Performance metrics are automatically synced with the CRM so you can manage your campaigns and your store, in one place.

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Optimize email and SMS campaigns with analytics

Know how your emails/SMSes are performing. Use these insights to improve campaign messages and send better follow ups.