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About Dunzo

Dunzo is an all-in-one 24x7 delivery platform that collects and delivers anything its customers demand, from groceries and food to medicines and pet supplies. This thriving business with over 600 employees and a vast merchant and partner network began as a humble WhatsApp group run by a 25 member team. Dunzo now fulfills over 2 million orders per month for users across India’s top 8 cities. 

We had a chance to chat with Prashant Gadpale, Product Manager and Arvind Prashanth, Program Manager about Dunzo's rapid growth since 2015, and how they fulfill their commitment to delivering not just the requested items - but also an impeccable service experience. 

The evolution of customer service at Dunzo

When Dunzo functioned as a WhatsApp group offering pick-up and delivery services, the team would undertake pick-ups and deliveries themselves. As their customer base began to grow, Dunzo formed partnerships with both merchants and delivery partners to offer customers a wider range of delivery services at an even higher value for money and cover more delivery areas. 

Who doesn't love the ease of a personalized concierge pick-up-and-drop service? As Dunzo scaled operations, they also focussed on creating efficiencies internally and externally. With average delivery turnaround times at a record low from 45 mins to 24 mins, it was important to bring that kind of speed into the response time and maintain the high standards of customer experience. As a super app, it was important for Dunzo to leverage technologies to elevate customer support channels like its in-house chat tool to help customers with real-time resolutions on their queries. In trying to keep pace with its rapid growth, Dunzo was looking for a high performing tool to do the job. 

“We needed a platform that was sophisticated to handle high volume and support our load. We also needed structured team performance reports if we were going to improve our customer experience”
Arvind Prashanth, Program Manager at Dunzo

Messaging as a preferred support channel 

Customer service at Dunzo is divided into three teams, each supporting customers, merchants, and delivery partners respectively. 

"Our endeavor is to resolve customer queries in real-time, usually order-related, like order status or item related questions on an active delivery. This means resolutions need to be immediate, and chat becomes the most accessible channel to ensure that," said Arvind. "We similarly need to have real-time conversations with our merchants to find out about stock or prices in parallel to making sure that the task is executed to perfection."  With a predominantly GenZ and Millennial customer base for whom messaging is second nature, Dunzo also wanted to offer service through this familiar and convenient channel. 

With this in mind, Dunzo began the hunt for a stronger replacement for their in-house tool with this checklist:

  • A powerful messaging-first platform - which would allow a seamless transition from their legacy tool

  • Reliability and scalability - a partner with proven global CX expertise

  • Bots and automation capabilities -  a partner who could scale automated self-service as volumes grew

After evaluating several chat players in the market, Dunzo found Freshchat - Freshworks’ customer messaging platform had ticked all their boxes. 

Freshchat gets the job Dun-zo

Automations to transform customer experiences and build efficiency

The notion of leveraging bots came up first when the customer service team realized that 60% of the order-related queries they received were generic - about damaged or incorrect items or refunds. As Prashant said, "since the questions we get are mostly common in nature and follow a pattern, we wanted to reduce the number of chats that go to an agent." 

The team immediately identified the scope to automate and offer low-touch customer service by introducing bots - transforming customer service while optimizing contact center costs. 

Arvind said, "the incremental cost of reducing wait time from say 1 minute to a few seconds would be very high with any other technology or headcount investment." With Freddy - Freshworks' AI-powered bot solution,  Dunzo is able to resolve 48% of queries without human intervention enabling them to save 30% in support costs.

dunzo case study web 1 dunzo case study web 1
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Dunzo resolves 48% of queries without human intervention enabling them to save 30% in support costs.

When a customer is unsatisfied with the chat experience, the bot immediately brings in a human agent to resolve the query within the same conversation. This is when configurable assignment rules kick to route these escalations to the right agent group. Dunzo is also able to route priority customers through these escalations to the relevant agent group based on the user’s properties.

Freshchat's routing and assignment capabilities have brought down response times from 4 minutes to 46 seconds, an 80% drop!

Agent experiences that boost team performance

Dunzo also realized that happy agents make happy customers. Freshchat has simplified the agent experience on a single platform to empower them to do what they do best.

  • Dunzo captures and unifies all customer information onto a single platform - from order details, delivery partner information to order status - by pulling them from their internal CRM through Freshchat’s custom apps feature (previously referred to as SmartPlugs)

  • When a conversation is passed from a bot to an agent, the bot captures conversations with the customer in the form of ‘Private Notes’ so the agent has full context to take the conversation forward. Agents also leverage Freshchat’s Private Notes feature to collaborate internally.

  • For managers and team leads, staying on top of team performance has become that much easier with Freshchat’s reports that measure metrics like response times, CSAT, agent concurrency, and agent occupancy. 

AI beyond bots   

Dunzo leverages AI for more than deflection. The team also leverages Freshdesk, our flagship helpdesk platform, to track and address social media feedback. Dunzo uses Freshdesk's AI-feature Social Signals to track all mentions on social media channels, and automatically converts them into tickets that are addressed by a dedicated team.