Personalize customer engagement based on insights and context

Unified Customer Record enables sales, marketing and support teams leverage data from customer actions and behavior to deliver personalized engagement.

For Sales

Have meaningful conversations

Accelerate your pipeline and engage your prospect with a holistic view of lead data from multiple touchpoints/sources.

For Marketers

Drive higher conversions

Generate higher marketing ROI and drive lead conversions through targeted and personalized multi-channel campaigns.

For Support Teams

Increase customer satisfaction

Exceed customer expectations leading to higher retention and upsell with a proactive view of the customer engagement history.

How UCR works

Collect & Unify

It captures demographic, behavioral and transactional data from multiple touchpoints available via Freshworks products, and deduplicates them to build a holistic profile.

Deliver Insights

It shares insights on customers based on their activities that help you understand them better and engage proactively.

Segment & Activate

It enables building granular segments using rich filters and conditions on data & events collected from multiple sources to launch personalized multi-channel campaigns.

How UCR empowers Sales, Marketing & Support teams

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