Shop on the portal for IT needs

Provide a consumer app like shopping experience to your end-users  with a catalog of service items published on the end-user portal

Offer end-users the choice to self-serve and simplify the search process with a simple to navigate, searchable end-user portal that is also available on mobile.

IT Service catalog in Freshservice IT Service catalog in Freshservice

Use Automation workflows to speed up service request fulfillment

Create business rules and set up workflow automations -  agent assignment, multistage approval workflows, unique to a service item

Keep all stakeholders fully informed with timely notifications that are automatically triggered based on rules. 

Prioritize requests and improve service delivery with SLAs that can be customized at a service item level.

Automation Workflow Screenshot Automation Workflow Screenshot

Insights into service availability

Find the availability of services with the catalog, and be notified if an item isn’t available at the time of requisition. Offer the option to borrow service items temporarily.

Plan purchases or allocate funds to departments based on the insights from the service catalog.

Asset request window Asset request window

Rebranding with the service catalog

Customize the service catalog to suit your branding policies, and easily configure fields based on the needs of departments or teams.

Personalize the end-user experience and enable smooth discovery by customizing service item visibility based on departments and teams.

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