Freshdesk ensures every business has privacy, security, and data protection on all fronts. 50,000+ customers entrust their daily customer interactions in our comprehensive audits of networks


Ensure secure access with Custom SSL certificates


Encrypt your communication between web browsers and web servers. All Freshdesk accounts come with an SSL certificate enabled by default.

  • Set up your own support domain or vanity URL
  • Get your custom SSL URL up and running within 72 hours
  • Add multiple portals to your Freshdesk account with authenticated SSL certification
439 secure access 439 secure access


Manage customer and agent logins using IP Whitelisting


Restrict login access outside of work by whitelisting only office network addresses for agents and employees.

Create exclusive access for agents to log in from anywhere by linking IP whitelisting to a virtual private network (VPN).

Establish a login access system to regulate the entry of agents or agents and customers.

439 whitelisting 439 whitelisting


Simplify secure login through SSO


Set up a single sign-on (SSO) script to authenticate agents and users on your Freshdesk account by letting them use their existing credentials. Simplify account management by enabling SSO to work with your existing databases like Active Directory or social accounts like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

439 sso 439 sso


Stay secure across all Freshworks Platforms


Access all your Freshworks accounts with a single password or associated Google account with Fresh ID.

  • Simplified authentication process
  • Hassle-free security across Freshchat, Freshmarketer, Freshconnect, Freshsales, Freshdesk Contact Center, Freshservice, and Freshteam
  • Easy access retrieval in case login credentials have lapsed
439 secure across all platforms 439 secure across all platforms

Data Protection and Privacy

HIPAA Compliance - Store healthcare data as per ePHI standards


Freshdesk is optimized to be in line with all requirements of HIPAA. 

  • Enable SAML SSO for users to access your support portal with unified identification and authentication 

  • Configure a custom mail server for all your email transactions to ensure they are hosted autonomously outside Freshworks; completely managed at your end.

  • Add multiple encrypted fields as custom fields in your forms to receive and store sensitive customer data.

HIPPA compliant helpdesk HIPPA compliant helpdesk

GDPR Compliance - Deliver your customers the right to privacy


Freshdesk is equipped with GDPR-ready features for all our customers worldwide. Ensure your helpdesk follows GDPR recommended principles for privacy and security of personal data even if you operate outside the EU.

  • Facilitate data access requests from your customers.
  • Delete end-user and agent profiles on request
  • Export contact details, tickets, and forums the user has contributed on request
439 gdpr 439 gdpr

Additional product security features

Click-jacking prevention
SHA 256 encoding
JWT authentication for APIs
Granular app management
Data encryption at rest
Cross-site scripting mitigation

Information Security Compliance Certifications