What are Sales Sequences?

Sales Sequences are automated workflows that help your salespeople manage their outreach better. They comprise a scheduled series of sales touchpoints like emails, phone calls, SMSes, and reminders. With Sales Sequences, create, send, and track perfect, personalized outbound campaigns that kickstart meaningful conversations with your customers. 

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Automate sales activities and free your salespeople’s time

Use Sales Sequences to automate sales activities and enable your teams to focus on selling. Measure every sales touchpoint and never let a contact go cold. Define your prospect(s) based on certain characteristics, and choose between activity-based smart sequences and time-bound classic sequences. Pick the email to be sent from a list of templates, and set up delivery timelines, and start closing more deals.

Drive sales execution
with Classic Sequences

Engage with your prospects regularly with Classic Sequences. Automatically run a sequence of actions for the chosen audience on specific days. Send emails or SMSes to your contacts and set up reminders for yourself using Sales Sequences.

Convert faster
with Smart Sequences

Use Smart Sequences for customizing your outreach based on your prospects’ activities. Easily set up sequences for your contacts who are currently evaluating your product based on their interaction with your website/web app.

Deliver personalized engagement with Sales Sequences

Reach out to your leads at the right time, provide contextual engagement, and close deals faster. Sales Sequences also help you nurture customer relationships, deliver value, maximize conversions, and crush your sales targets. 

Nurture leads

Set up sequences to nurture leads based on their activities or interests. Set up tasks and reminders, and follow through consistently until deals close.

Send welcome emails

Automate welcome emails to be sent to your leads once they sign up for your product/service, and keep them engaged throughout their buyers’ journey.

Manage follow-ups

Own your deals and automate your follow-ups. Never let a deal untended, and maintain a healthy pipeline.

Automate renewals

Send renewal reminders to your customers automatically. Set up a series of reminders before the renewal date, so they don’t get taken by surprise.

Re-engage cold leads

Run a targeted campaign for your idle leads and get the conversations flowing. Set up phone calls and email reminders to deliver personalized engagement and gently nudge them to convert.

Run Upsell/Cross-sell campaigns

Easily upsell and cross-sell products/services once leads become customers. Add value to their actual purchase through relevant emails, and maximize revenue.