Stay on top of deals and predict revenue based on sales pipelines

What is a sales pipeline?

A sales pipeline helps you visualize your sales process and identify the stages where deals are stalled. With it, you can break down your entire sales process into actionable tasks and track them effortlessly. Multiple Sales Pipelines help you set up processes for different sales teams across regions and industries.

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When do you need multiple sales pipelines?

Multiple Sales Pipelines help you capture a deal’s journey, with all its nuance, across different markets and products. With Multiple Sales Pipelines, you can track all your deals based on the internal processes that you follow. 

Say you have different sales processes for inbound and outbound sales, or for direct deals and partnership deals. You can create separate pipelines, with different deal stages for each pipeline.

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How do Multiple Sales Pipelines work?

Freshsales comes with a default pipeline that is customizable. Build multiple pipelines with customized stages and probabilities based on your sales process. Create custom views for the pipelines that you set up and track each pipelines’ status separately.

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Streamline your sales process with multiple pipelines

Monitor deals as they progress through stages and identify bottlenecks that prevent salespeople from closing deals. Manage multiple sales teams, and stay updated about their performance with Multiple Sales Pipelines.

Customize deal views

Filter deals by their potential value and expected close date. Add, edit, and remove stages easily, and simplify deal management.

Identify rotten leads

Spot deals that have remained stagnant in your pipelines for an extended period. Assign an age to your deals to identify the ones that can be revived.

Determine pipeline health

Identify factors that affect your pipeline health by tracking important deal metrics, spotting deals that are at risk with AI-powered insights, and preventing them from going cold. 

Manage incentives

With multiple pipelines, set up a structure to provide incentives and benefits to your salespeople based on the type of pipelines they follow.

Track sales cycle length

Calculate the time from the initial contact with a prospect up to the point when the deal is closed, for the different teams that follow different processes.

Streamline sales processes

Customize sales activities and provide structured processes with different pipelines across teams based on their sales cycles, territories, etc.