What are Sales Activities?

Every salesperson plans multiple steps to engage with a prospect and convert them into a customer—the back-and-forth emails, phone calls, texts, lunches, meetings, etc. And, there’s more. With Sales Activities, track every kind of activity you take to carry a deal forward. Link activities to contacts, sync appointments to your calendar, predict meeting outcomes and keep track of your performance.

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Optimize your sales process with Sales Activities

Start tracking sales activities and identify the ones that increase conversions with powerful reports. Get all the insights that you need to streamline your process and start closing deals faster than ever.

Tailor activities based on your sales process 

Add and track custom sales activities like events, training attendance, offline meetings, etc. according to your sales process. Spot the activities bringing in more conversions, and constantly improve your sales process for optimal performance.

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Work smarter with AI-based insights

Leverage Freddy AI to accomplish sales tasks efficiently. Use Freddy’s intelligent calendar suggestions based on your CRM data to set up sales activities. Know your prospects who aren’t available with Out-Of-Office detection, and gain insights on the next best course of action.

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Identify key sales activities and replicate for success

Create reports to track a sales activity and learn about its performance. If your sales process involves custom activities, you can use these reports and make decisions on optimizing the process. Managers and admins can obtain analytics on different sales activities and get a holistic perspective of their sales teams. 

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Track activities on the go

With the Freshsales mobile app, instantly record and track sales activities. Use the Check-in feature while on offsite locations to keep your team informed. Set notification alerts for event reminders, email opens, or reminders for upcoming tasks or appointments. You can also log calls, add notes, and map them to the record. 

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Track sales activities to boost sales success

With sales activity in Freshsales, you can create action items, schedule calendar meetings, get reminders and notifications, track team performance, and more. 

Monitor email & chat engagement

Know how your audience is engaging with your emails and chat messages with sales activity reports.

Track sales calls and SMSes

Manage phone calls and SMS, and log customer interactions that can provide future context to your teams.

Identify and track activity success

Set tasks and reminders, measure the ones that lead to favorable outcomes, and replicate them for future success.

Stay on top of important meetings

Sync your sales activities to your calendar. Manage all your appointments in one place and avoid the frequent meeting conflicts of the sales world.

Set up workflows

Use workflows to automatically create tasks when a new lead signs up, add a follow-up activity for the emails sent, and more with Freshsales.

Track custom sales activities

Monitor custom sales activities based on your business and sales process to identify the ones bringing in the maximum conversions.

Record social media interactions

Monitor the conversations that you have with your leads on social media, including Twitter & LinkedIn, and set a better context for your future engagement.

Plan activities in advance

Check scheduled and overdue tasks in the sales pipeline view. Set up activity notifications on desktop and mobile, and get reminders sent to your inbox.