Snapping up a favorite collection online gives a sense of joy to most of us. But have you consciously observed how you buy your favorite pair of shoes or that t-shirt You most likely start by spotting a digital ad on running shoes. You get interested because you want to replace your current shoes, so you run a search and compare prices.

You land on a website where a chatbot suggests shoes tailor-made for your needs. Then you see your favorite celebrity endorsing the same brand. You add and subtract the items in the cart through all these multichannel experiences, and ultimately make your purchase. 

This buying pattern is true for your customers as well. The path to purchase may vary across industries, but one underlying factor remains - customers use multiple channels to make their purchase decision. It also makes business sense, because multichannel customers spend 10% more than single-channel shoppers. And 23% of them will most likely be repeat shoppers.

multichannel marketing software multichannel marketing software

For the uninitiated, multichannel marketing is a mix of traditional and digital marketing methods that helps marketers promote products and services to potential customers at the right time. 

Customers now have more exposure than before and are glued to multiple channels like SMS, Whatsapp, and email. But how do you build a successful multichannel marketing strategy? The key here is to maintain consistent messaging across platforms. This is where multichannel marketing software comes in handy. 

Creating consistent customer experiences across all channels


Customers are consuming content in all combinations of SMS, WhatsApp, email, browser search and so on. 

This means, their attention is spread thin across these platforms and the content they consume from a single channel may not have a big impact. 

This is where multichannel marketing software can help you break the online noise. In fact, marketers who use four to six channels in their multichannel campaigns reported the best engagement rates. 

5 Reasons you need to adopt a multichannel marketing Approach (’s not too late)

Be where your customers are 

An average individual spends around 145 minutes per day on the phone. So to engage effectively with your customers, your marketing mix should match up to the online presence of your target audience

Reach out to more customers

Customers no longer shop from just one source. They may visit your brick-and-mortar store, but also keep an eye out for discounts on your digital storefront. So, when your marketing campaign solely focuses on one channel, you are missing out on the others where your customer might be most active

Build a better brand recall

Using different channels to reach out to the target audience helps familiarize them with your product and brand values. The more they hear about you, the more familiar they are with your brand and are willing to recommend your product within known circles. This ultimately gives you an edge over your competition because customers are familiar with your brand when they make the buying decision.

Connect with your dormant customer base 

In a highly competitive digital world, maintaining constant points of engagement is a must. You need to share educational content, product updates, and timely discounts to keep customers coming back. Employing multiple marketing channels like emailers, newsletters, and chatbots can help you retain more customers

Engage round-the-clock with customers

Your marketers may log off for the day, but your website never shuts down. So you need to be able to provide 24/7 marketing engagement and support for window shoppers and customers

Challenges that D2C businesses face and Single Source of Truth


Yes, it’s imperative that your online business adapts to multichannel marketing to be able to:

  • Reach multiple touchpoints with potential customers
  • Stay on top of the mind and break the clutter
  • Draw customer insights and be relevant
  • Build credibility, trust and loyalty

But that doesn’t mean you have to use different tools for each marketing channel. Using multiple tools to manage website performance, handle customer queries and create marketing campaigns can get quite overwhelming for any business owner.

Especially if you are just starting out with your digital storefront, it can get quite expensive to employ multiple software for handling different aspects of multichannel marketing. This is where a multichannel marketing software can come in handy for a growing D2C business. 

How Freshmarketer can  power multichannel marketing for your online storefront

1. Attract customers by running targeted campaigns

When you first engage for your online store, you may use spray campaigns which may potentially hamper your ROI as they are often unsegmented. With a multichannel marketing software, you can attract more customers to your online storefront using an all-in-one multi-channel marketing solution built just for you. With Freshmarketer, you can:

  • Effortlessly automate email, chat, SMS, Whatsapp and social media campaigns
  • Create comprehensive customer profiles and run segmented marketing campaigns based on their purchasing behavior
  • Segment audience into lists based on their demography, geography, purchasing behavior, etc.
multichannel marketing software multichannel marketing software

Say you want to reach out to your loyal customers and drive repeat revenue. You would like to offer them a limited period sneak peak into a sale and give them an additional 5%. With Freshmarketer, you can easily segment your loyal customers into a list. Then schedule an SMS with a link to the exclusive sale, with a pre-applied discount to go out at a time and date of your choice. 

All this can be done with the help of a multichannel marketing software without scrambling between multiple tools. 


2. Increase purchases with personalized messaging and cart abandonment prompts


It is practically impossible to know all your potential customers like a small brick and mortar store. But it’s also not impossible to offer a personalized customer experience for your D2C storefront. Wondering how? 

Freshmarketer steps in here and helps engage with customers in a personalized way. This multichannel marketing software helps trigger well-timed emails that remind users to complete their purchase and offer them discounts to complete the transaction.


multichannel marketing software multichannel marketing software

You get the complete context of the customer including: 

  • Website activity
  • Shopify and WhatsApp activity
  • Email clicks and replies
  • Purchase history
  • Abandoned carts

Cart abandonment, in particular, is one of the biggest woes of D2C businesses. Sending prompt messages to visitors who have dropped off can help improve conversions.

For instance, a visitor adds a shoe to their cart but later abandons it. With Freshmarketer, you can quickly send an automated Whatsapp message to your customers with a personalized link to their cart, offering say a 10% discount, and incentivise them to complete their purchase. 

3. Automate marketing campaigns using drag-and-drop journey builders and templates 


While you set about perfecting your multichannel marketing strategy, how do you make time to track all your visitors, engage and nurture them, and ultimately make them customers for life? A multichannel marketing software helps you automate mundane tasks, and schedule your marketing campaigns with ease. 

Journeys help you automate marketing engagement such as emails, WhatsApp and bot messages. Freshmarketer helps you carefully sequence your outreach through journey builders. This helps you deliver personalized engagement throughout their lifecycle. Whether your goal is to convert prospects into customers or engage with existing ones, journeys make your work easier.


multichannel marketing software multichannel marketing software

You can use the journey builder to: 

  • Easily set up automations with customizable email templates
  • Engage with your audience at the right time, for instance, birthday campaigns or payment reminders
  • Craft well-timed journeys for your audience
  • Use our intuitive drag-and-drop builder to create even the most complex of journeys
  • Group your audience based on their behavior and interactions like web page visits, email responses

Automate time-consuming tasks like creating new emails, sending emails, etc by setting up journeys in a multichannel marketing softwaer. This will not only help reduce grunt work, but you can scale faster, too.  How, you ask? You don’t need to hire a huge marketing team to scale the reach of your online store. You can deliver automated campaigns that are hyper-targeted to improve engagement and boost conversions with Freshmarketer.

4. Effortlessly track multichannel metrics

So you have designed multichannel marketing campaigns. Now how do you measure their impact and track conversions? 

For many D2C companies, measuring multichannel marketing performance is a challenge. And as you warm up to new channels for your multichannel marketing efforts, the complexity for measuring their performance also increases. 

So, you may end up being confused about which data to track. Don’t break into a sweat. With Freshmarketer for Spotify, you can track the impact of your multichannel marketing efforts, with: 

  • Curated out-of-the-box reports: Handcrafted reports with out-of-the-box metrics on customer engagement, emails’ performance and conversions to give you a 360 view of your account’s data
  • Custom reports: You can export, create and share custom reports to help you understand the true impact of your marketing efforts
  • Analytics: Share insights with your team by setting up scheduled reports
multichannel software multichannel software

Key multichannel metrics you can track within a multichannel marketing software like Freshmarketer include: 

  • Email metrics like click rates, bounce rate and response rate

  • Journey report that tracks all the journeys you have scheduled including overview, trends and email engagement 

  • Whatsapp Campaign Reports where you can track metrics like sent, delivered, read and error messages

Draw more customers to your online store


Attract more customers, deliver personalized experiences, and create stronger relationships by delighting customers with multichannel marketing software.

  • Get more of the right customers across multiple channels
  • Have meaningful conversations to drive engagement
  • Drive revenue round the clock with powerful automation

Get set to be a part of the effective purchase journey – be visible and heard!

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