Operate your business from any region 

As your business grows and expands, you need to tailor your CRM to adapt to your unique needs. Freshsales helps businesses to function across different regions with multi-currency and multi-language support. Users can manage transactions easier in the local currency and customize the CRM to speak their language. 

Manage global transactions in the local currency

Choose from 150+ currencies to suit your business deal. Leverage the power of automation to monitor currency exchange rates, and view your deal values in the local currency. 

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Translate your CRM into any language

Personalize Freshsales to view and manage data in the language of your choice. Choose from over 10 languages to send emails, track metrics, analyze reports, and more.

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What can you do with multi-currency

and multi-language support?

Manage account language

Set account language for your entire organization, or make changes to your individual user account based on your preferences.

Auto-convert currencies

For deals in different geographies, automatically convert deals to the local currency from the currency set for your account.

Right-to-left control across the app

Set right-to-left control for languages like Arabic and Hebrew and make your account more user-friendly.

Set sales goals

Auto-convert deal values to your account's base currency and use them while setting goals or generating sales reports.

Customize Mobile CRM

Choose from 10+ languages to personalize your mobile app to speak your language.