The efficient and systematic way to handle your IT workflows

You’ve already realized the importance of IT operations department in your organization, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. They are the unsung heroes of your organization, trying to maintain the right balance between your systems, devices and personnel with no disruption in the workflow. But is it possible to solve all the issues at one-go and at the same time keep tab of all the CI’s? This will surely take a toll on the IT admin.

What can Freshservice do about it?

Freshservice helps you manage your day-to-day task with a few clicks and save your precious time to focus on the more important matters. Your team no longer has to keep switching from one console to another, logging in from different places, trying to track down the data from different systems while performing tasks. The cloud means you don’t have to worry about hosting or server crashing down. Take care of your IT system operations from anywhere, literally!

Service desk

Handle your multiple technologies and devices through a centralized cloud server. A simple operation process handles your tickets, configuration management, asset management, changes and releases. Everything is just a click away and you can monitor from any location. No more getting glued to your seat or the risk of missing any important updates.

Troubleshoot & Resolve

It gets easier to troubleshoot with Freshservice’s Root Cause Analysis and Preventive Maintenance rather than going through every server check up and prevent outages. An Incident ticket is raised every time an issue is reported, and you get an immediate notification with the updated details. Tickets are prioritized & resolved based on the level of urgency and importance, SLA’s make you understand the due dates and other policies to guide you. A systematic workflow will help you respond and resolve quicker than before.

Get rid of mundane tasks

Do you spend most of your time sorting through the tickets and assigning it to the right person? Make that simple! Just assign rules with Freshservice and automated tasks are created. Features like Canned Responses, Scheduler are to help you work smarter; our automated service desk will give your IT operations the helping hand that you need badly.

Reduce expense and maintenance cost

You no longer have to invest your time and money just to keep track of all your assets, costs, maintenance and depreciation. The Financial Management module will take care of it; have all your assets and vendors details in place. It gets easier to check the maintenance and repair cost incurred and the depreciation for your assets with Freshservice. Not just that, you can schedule automated tasks for all the licenses, maintenance and repairs that needs to be renewed. Solves a lot of your problems, doesn’t it?