Centralized hub for all assets

Complete spectrum of IT assets discovered

Discover and manage your complete infrastructure information within Freshservice in an automated way to plug a single source of truth about your assets into your service delivery processes. 

Using native discovery solutions and using connectors with leading discovery solutions, Freshservice lets you discover all types of assets ranging across Hardware, Non-IT assets software, SaaS, cloud services, virtual machines, and much more. 

Inventory Management Screenshots Inventory Management Screenshots

Non-IT assets discovered

Scan your inventory on the go

Every organization has a slew of non-pingable assets that need to be actively managed in the inventory.  With Fresheservice’s mobile application, make inventory management easy by scanning these devices on the go. 

Discover your non-IT assets at ease by leveraging the Freshservice mobile app to scan barcodes and QR codes and manage them actively right within Freshservice’s inventory. 

App Screenshots App Screenshots

Integrated asset procurement

Stay on top of purchases and contract renewals

A unified solution to set up your purchase processes with seamless approval tracking,  integrated service request fulfillment, and one-click inventory replenishment. 

Eliminate the need to hop between multiple tools to manage your contracts and licenses and effectively plan for your future renewals.

Explore Purchase order management Contract management

Asset Procurement screenshots Asset Procurement screenshots

Unified solution

Enhance governance with an integrated source of truth 

Build a living and breathing source of information about your assets with complete audit trails capturing updates and with visibility into all incidents, problems, and changes associated with your assets.

With an inventory tightly integrated with all modules within Freshservice, eliminate tool hopping to track your asset lifecycle by managing everything from procurement to retirement right within Freshservice.

Explore Asset lifecycle management

Activity History Activity History

Forecast accurately

Make informed decisions by tracking asset value and metrics

Leverage financial management to understand the value of your assets throughout their lifecycle and to manage their expenses in a single pane.

With a bird’s eye view into your Inventory, get visibility into the current state of your assets to plan allocation and to forecast budgets right. 

Analytics Screenshot Analytics Screenshot

Why Inventory Management?

A single source of truth

With real-time visibility into your asset data in a single pane, improve your service delivery and asset management processes.

Stay on top of changes

Mitigate risks by maintaining a complete record of all changes and upgrades happening to your infrastructure.

Understand the big picture

With an inventory tightly integrated with all modules, get complete context about asset dependencies and associations in a single pane.

We work hand in hand with the tools you love

Build a centralized hub to discover and manage your infrastructure with an extensible solution that perfectly integrates into your ecosystem.

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We work hand in hand with the tools you love

Build a centralized hub to discover and manage your infrastructure with an extensible solution that perfectly integrates into your ecosystem.


Integrate with discovery tools, end-point solutions, and patch management solutions from our growing marketplace of 250+ apps.

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Orchestration Center

Automate processes across your tools and servers, and perform actions directly on them.

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SaaS Management

Discover your SaaS estate and optimize usage with our suite of integrations with identity providers and SaaS applications.

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Alert Management

Supervise and proactively maintain your digital infrastructure’s health by integrating with any monitoring tool.

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