Bring your inbox and CRM together to boost productivity

Emails are the most preferred means of communication for sales teams. It can be cumbersome and time-consuming for a salesperson to toggle between their email inbox and sales CRM to send emails and record their prospects’ responses. With Freshsales, you can access and manage your third-party email account(s) directly from your CRM account without ever having to leave the system.

Stay focused on selling with the two-way email sync

Level up your email management by connecting your email inbox to Freshsales. With the two-way email sync, your calendar and existing conversations are automatically connected, and all incoming messages are intelligently mapped to the respective contacts and deals. Start sending emails, and record your contacts’ responses, all from a single platform. Avoid the constant tab switching, and be more productive.

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Run outbound campaigns from your CRM

Manage all your campaigns from within your CRM. Send emails in bulk, or run personalized outbound campaigns based on your prospects’ activities and behavior with Sales Sequences and Workflows. Reach out to your mailing list in seconds and continue crushing your sales targets with the smartest CRM in town.

Using workflow templates, you can enable a workflow by simply clicking a button or can edit an existing template to add more conditions and make it live.

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Deploy campaigns swiftly with email templates

Free yourself from the mundane task of typing the same email repeatedly, and let our sales CRM take care of this for you. Create and save your well-crafted personalized emails as templates and send campaigns faster than ever.

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Analyze email performance

Measure the results of your email campaigns to understand if your efforts are making an impact. Know which email templates are performing well and ones that don’t by tracking the open and click rates of different emails that you have sent. 

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Everything you need to send emails that sell

Create and send sales emails that get read. With Freshsales, gain unmatched deliverability rates and productivity-boosting features that help you deliver the right emails at the right time. Make your email outreach more effective and speed up your sales cycle.

Schedule emails

Set your campaigns to go out at a specific date and time when your customers are most likely to read them.

Set up real-time alerts

Get real-time alerts on email opens, link clicks, and new emails, and connect with your prospects at the right time.

Forward emails

Sell from any inbox, forward or BCC emails, and follow up on conversations right from your CRM account.

Customize emails

Switch things up and capture your prospects’ attention with attractive colors and fonts using custom HTML code.

Automate email communication

Use Sales Sequences and Workflows in Freshsales to automate your outbound email campaigns.

Share email templates

Identify the emails that bring in the most responses and share the templates with your team for their reference.