Every company has its own personality and a unique way of functioning. Your customers need to recognize your brand’s voice at every touchpoint, including your support portal. Your team also needs a helpdesk that matches they way they work.

Freshdesk is fully customizable

With Freshdesk’s extensive customization capabilities, you can create a helpdesk that is perfect for your business. Brand your support portal to reflect your website, hosted at a support URL of your choice. Make it easy for agents to resolve issues by collecting information relevant to the issue from customers.

freshdesk is fully customizable 2x freshdesk is fully customizable 2x

Customize for maximum productivity

Enable agents to save time by handling tickets that are meant for them and empower them with complete context. This can be done by automating ticket assignments based on their current workload, skills, or the channels handled by them, and setting up Custom Objects to bring in business-critical information unique to your business right on the ticket page.

agent productivity agent productivity

Enable a seamless global support operation

Let your global team perform at their best irrespective of where they are based, by handling support in their language and timezone. Optimize their productivity further by setting up multilingual self-service, multilingual automated mail notifications, and help them gauge their performance with multilingual CSAT surveys

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Define access with custom roles

Decide what each agent on your team sees in the helpdesk with selective permissions. With custom roles, you can configure settings so that your community managers see only forums while your social media team focusses on tweets or Facebook messages.

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Build your own reports

Configure reports that are relevant to each team or individual using Freshdesk and help them track key metrics about their team performance, the impact of operational changes and the customers’ perception about your product/service over any given period

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Store data in the way you prefer

Use the marketplace or build your own custom app that brings useful data into Freshdesk from your day to day solutions. Completely customize the fields that store this data to provide all the relevant context for your agents


Retain brand identity across support

Provide a unique experience for your agents and customers by customizing their portals to reflect your brand’s theme. Every inch of the portal can be customized as shown in these examples.

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