Increase sales efficiency with built-in cloud telephony

With the built-in cloud telephony capability in Freshsales, you can efficiently handle calls, voicemails, and messages for your business. Easily purchase virtual phone numbers in 90+ countries for your salespeople across offices and teams. With Freshsales, your salespeople can now directly make calls from their laptops or smart devices. Monitor usage and understand your teams’ performance on calls with extensive analytics.

Win deals faster with contextual conversations

Gain full context about your prospects with the Recent Activities widget in Freshsales. Access call logs, call notes, and recordings to relevantly communicate with prospects, follow up on previous conversations, etc., and improve customer experiences. You can also seamlessly transfer calls to colleagues with full context.

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Analyze and improve your sales calls

Phone calls are one of the key performance drivers in your sales process. Easily track and analyze all the metrics that reflect the efficiency of your sales calls. Assess your salespeople’s performance based on the calls they make, your business processes, and customer interactions at every stage of the call, and optimize them.

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Eliminate manual data entry and focus on selling

Eliminate manually entering data into your CRM and save time. With your Freshsales account, you can automatically log sales calls and add call logs in your CRM. You can also map calls that you receive on your phone number to existing or new contacts, add notes about the call, and do more.

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Improve sales conversions and boost productivity

The built-in phone capabilities in Freshsales provides you with everything that you need for successful sales calls. With a host of functionalities like call recording, call logging, after call work, etc., you can enable your salespeople to maximize conversions and bring in more revenue.

Record calls

Quickly record phone conversations with prospects to capture their requirements and preferences, for follow-up calls, engage contextually, and accelerate deal closures.

Mask calls

Provide a personal touch to your sales conversations with call masking. Simply replace your business number with a salesperson's personal number, and develop close customer relationships.

Segment prospects

Plan your sales calls based on previous interactions with your prospects. Segment your prospects list based on contact fields that capture call history like last contacted on, to never let a prospect fall through the cracks.

Add tasks and appointments

Schedule a follow-up task or set up an appointment right after every sales call. Easily continue conversations, contextually engage in the follow-up meetings, and provide consistent experiences.

Take calls on the go

With the Freshsales, enable your salespeople to sell from any location their work takes them. Make phone calls or answer them, create leads on the go, and be more productive. 

Train salespeople

Coach young professionals in your team on how to close deals on calls. Easily monitor their ongoing conversations, and join their calls to provide hands-on assistance.

Minimize busywork

Free salespeople from logging calls and navigating multiple tools so that they can spend more time selling. Easily route calls to support agents without directing the call outside Freshsales. 

Optimize for conversions

Make use of call recordings, call notes, and other data to modify your company’s outreach campaigns for maximum effectiveness. 

Looking for an all-in-one sales and marketing solution? Try Freshsales Suite

Freshsales Suite combines the power of sales, marketing, chat, and telephony in one AI-powered solution.

  • Attract the best leads with personalized messages
  • Engage across channels - Phone, Email, WhatsApp, Chat
  • Close deals faster with AI-powered insights
  • Deliver personalized experiences with 360° customer context
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