Holistic visibility across multiple cloud services

Get complete visibility of cloud resources across multiple environments by integrating with leading cloud providers. With comprehensive CMDB tightly coupled with service delivery modules, unlock the value of cloud data by adding more context and restore services to up and running quickly.

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Visualize the bigger picture with auto-dependency mapping

With auto-discover relationships between cloud resources, identify underutilized resources, plan change rollouts better and remediate issues faster with complete visibility into cloud CIs and their upstream and downstream dependencies. 

Organise POs Organise POs

Streamline cloud requests with self-service cloud catalog  

With out-of-the-box cloud operations capabilities in service catalog, deliver an effortless employee experience and enable them to instantly provision, manage and decommission cloud resources with a single request.

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Fully automated cloud service delivery

Eliminate manual cloud processes by automating cloud workload operations end-end. Instantly provision, deprovision, power on/off cloud resources using tailor-made workflows and achieve agentless resolution by leveraging powerful Orchestration apps in workflow automator. 

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