Delight your audience with contextual engagement

Interact with your audience with proactive messaging at various touchpoints in their journey. With Freshmarketer, run chat campaigns on your website or within your product to engage with your audience at the right time, qualify leads, accelerate conversions, and do more. Choose Triggered or Targeted messages based on the campaigns that you want to run, or build chatbots to automate your marketing, sales, and support engagement.

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Run highly engaging campaigns that drive business growth

Deliver intuitive messages at the right time

Communicate with your audience on your website or your web app with Triggered Messages. Easily set off messages at the right time to keep your audience engaged based on who they are and what they do. Create rules that trigger messages at opportune moments based on their website behavior, user properties, purchases, and more.

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Automate conversational engagement with Chatbots

Use intelligent chatbots powered by AI to understand intent and send contextual answers to your audience queries. Or, set up custom flows based on your use cases. Run chatbot-led campaigns across your sales, marketing, and support functions and amplify delightful experiences. You can also import in-house bots or connect external bots with Freshmarketer, for easy customization based on your requirements.

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Target your users with personalized messages

With Targeted Messages in Freshmarketer, you can direct your users to achieve business goals. Quickly send messages to different segments of your users, nudge them towards specific actions like feature adoption, onboarding users, purchase completion, etc., and do more.

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Be where your audience is

Interact with your customers across apps straight from your CRM. With Freshmarketer, you can easily connect with your audience over Whatsapp, Apple Chat, Line, Facebook Messenger, mobile, and web app. Personalize your engagement with interactive gifs, docs, etc., and easily handle multiple conversations simultaneously.

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Improve teams’ efficiency

Automatically route chats to the respective teams with Chat assignment rules feature in Freshmarketer. Set response expectations, prevent messages from triggering after business hours, configure canned responses, to never miss delighting your audience. You can also choose to auto-resolve chats when a user has gone offline.

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Craft personalized experiences across your customer lifecycle

Benefit teams’ across your organization all within a single platform. Easily achieve multiple use cases across sales, marketing, and support functions, deliver personalized engagement throughout your customers’ lifecycle, and provide delightful experiences.

Qualify website visitors

Quickly capture lead information from your website visitors, and route them to your sales teams and accelerate your sales cycle.

Provide onboarding assistance

Easily onboard new users to your product, guide them with personalized messages and videos and deliver seamless experiences.

Increase website conversions

Amplify conversions from your website with personalized interactions, minimize form/cart abandonment and eliminate friction from conversion paths.

Improve in-product experiences

Guide users on your product to achieve success by increasing activation, adoption rates, monitoring usage, and minimizing churn-inducing factors.

Make announcements

Communicate changes or run offers across your website and product by triggering announcement messages at the right time.

Run upsell and cross-sell campaigns

Make the most out of every transaction by setting off deals and packages messages when the customers are about to make a purchase, and increase your AOV/ARPU.

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Freshsales Suite combines the power of sales, marketing, chat, and telephony in one AI-powered solution.

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  • Deliver personalized experiences with 360° customer context
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