High-precision service delivery

Integrated service request fulfillment processes 

With asset information forming the backbone of your service delivery engine, seamlessly fulfill service requests in a single click. 

Set up touchpoints for your employees using the service catalog and empower asset managers to provision assets with complete visibility into stock and license availability.

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Integrated asset procurement

Stay on top of purchases and contract renewals

A unified solution to set up your purchase processes with seamless approval tracking,  integrated service request fulfillment, and one-click inventory replenishment. 

Eliminate the need to hop between multiple tools to manage your contracts and licenses and effectively plan for your future renewals.

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Single source of truth

Improve visibility with an auto-updating, multi-source CMDB 

Get a real-time view of your infrastructure with an auto-updating CMDB that can discover and manage assets ranging across cloud and on-premises environments.

With automatic discovery methods and activity logs on your asset usage, get a real-time snapshot to monitor and manage your asset changes from procurement to retirement.

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Improve asset life

Streamline asset utilization and maintenance processes

Proactively maintain your assets using real-time integrations with leading patch management, endpoint management, and mobile device management tools. 

Stay on top of your asset utilization with complete activity logs and fix usage issues that come your way with a tightly coupled service delivery solution to manage incidents, problems, and changes. Optimize software usage with insight-driven actions. 

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Empower asset managers

Innovate with automation and analytics 

Empower your asset managers to eliminate rote, manual processes across your assets’ lifecycle by automating and performing actions directly on the tools you use with the orchestration center.

Asset analytics enables your asset managers to decide when an asset should be retired or repaired with insights about associated incidents, problems, and changes. Make informed decisions by forecasting IT costs with complete visibility into purchases, contracts, and SaaS spending. 

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Why Asset Lifecycle Management?

Streamline governance

Establish central, automated governance processes to reduce risks and to improve service delivery.

Improve asset life

Extend your asset’s life by proactively staying on top of asset maintenance and usage optimization efforts

Control Costs

Maximize your profits on asset investments by improving asset life, reducing risks, and forecasting costs accurately.

We work hand in hand with the tools you love

Build a centralized hub to discover and manage your infrastructure with an extensible solution that perfectly integrates into your ecosystem.

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We work hand in hand with the tools you love

Build a centralized hub to discover and manage your infrastructure with an extensible solution that perfectly integrates into your ecosystem.


Integrate with discovery tools, end-point solutions, and patch management solutions from our growing marketplace of 250+ apps.

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Orchestration Center

Automate processes across your tools and servers, and perform actions directly on them.

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SaaS Management

Discover your SaaS estate and optimize usage with our suite of integrations with identity providers and SaaS applications.

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Alert Management

Supervise and proactively maintain your digital infrastructure’s health by integrating with any monitoring tool.

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