Regulate the actions your agents can perform

Provide your agents with the optimal level of control within the service desk. Help your service desk admins save time and the hassle of defining permissions and responsibilities pertaining to each role by using out-of-the-box roles

access control screenshot 4 access control screenshot 4

Create customized roles based on your organization’s needs

Create custom roles for different agent personas and grant them varying degrees of access that meet their specific needs as well as the requirements of your organization. Get fine-grained control over the specific actions that agents can perform across different modules

access control screenshot 1 access control screenshot 1

Improve collaboration across teams

Add agents from other teams as ‘Observers’ to a group. You can allow them access to the group’s tickets for cross-functional activities while preventing anyone from assigning them tickets or tasks that are owned by the group

access control screenshot 2 access control screenshot 2

Restrict user actions to specific sets of data

Grant agents access to only the tickets and other data that they need to work or collaborate on. This will help prevent tampering of any sensitive information.

access control screenshot 3 access control screenshot 3

 Perks of an advanced access control system

Easy to Configure

Go code-less and quickly set up access controls for your service desk using out-of-the-box and custom roles—all with just a few clicks

Effective Collaboration

Enable employees with different areas of expertise to collaborate better while respecting boundaries between teams

Fine-grained Access Control

Manage the information visible to a role and define what agents can do with it