Drive engagement across channels in real-time

Personalize experiences across channels and stay connected.


Create personalized email campaigns to drive store traffic. Choose from pre-built templates and design your emails with the drag-and-drop editor to match your brand.

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Send communications through SMS to share order updates, reminders, and other transactional messages.

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Create high-performing campaigns on WhatsApp. Send one-on-one messages or set up bots to engage and support your customers.

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Live Chat

Set up a chat widget on your website to engage with new visitors and returning customers and engage in real-time.

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Apple Message for Business

Interact with customers, respond to questions, and resolve issues within the Apple ecosystem using the Apple Business Chat.

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Google Business Messages

Manage queries raised on your business listing hosted on Google Maps and Google Search.

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Manage your LINE conversations, including images and hyperlinks, right from Freshmarketer.

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Instagram DM

Respond to comments on your Instagram post, story replies & story mentions, and direct messages within the CRM. 

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Facebook Messenger

Read, respond, and manage queries on Facebook Messenger. Deploy bots to improve deflection and reduce first-response time.

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Social Media Campaigns

Design and manage social media posts for Facebook and Instagram. Create engaging posts with images and videos to increase brand awareness.

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Reach the right people at the right time

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers with all their datapoints in one place

Marketing Segments

Group your customers into segments based on demography, geography, or behavior to engage in personalized ways with relevant campaigns.

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Shopify-based Segments

Connect to Shopify and get started with pre-built segments based on orders placed, added to cart, abandoned cart, and more, and set up personalized campaigns in minutes.

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Anonymous Website Visitors

Use segments to identify first-time website visitors and catch their attention with timely offers, customized discounts, and personalized promotions.

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WooCommerce-based Segments

Connect to WooCommerce and get started with pre-built segments based on orders placed, added to cart, abandoned cart, and more, and set up personalized campaigns in minutes.

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Get started from Day 1 with templates 

Reduce time spent setting up campaigns with ready-made templates

Email Templates

Choose from 150+ email templates to create your campaigns. Customize emails using the drag-and-drop editor.

Bot Templates

Get started with pre-built D2C bot templates. Modify the bot to meet your needs, preview the changes, and deploy it across channels easily.

Journey Templates

Set up journeys in minutes with pre-built playbooks and run campaigns with follow-up actions for common use cases like order confirmation, cart abandonment, post-purchase feedback, and more.


Automate and save time

Deliver a seamless experience with automation features

Email Campaigns

Create email campaigns from scratch with images, videos, and other visuals and send them to the right audience using lists and segments.

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WhatsApp Campaigns

Engage with customers on WhatsApp using one-on-one messages and chatbots to share messages and offer support.

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SMS Campaigns

Send updates through SMS to inform customers about new offers, order updates, reminders, and more.

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Transactional Emails

Configure business-critical non-marketing emails that are triggered by user actions such as activation and purchase completion using transactional emails.

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Give instant, precise answers to commonly asked customer questions, improving resolution times and freeing up your team’s workload.

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Chat Campaigns

Trigger chat messages based on the visitors’ website journey to nudge them to conversion.

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Keep track of marketing performance

Improve performance with actionable insights from campaigns

E-commerce Dashboard

Track store performance with the out-of-the-box dashboard.

The data is synced in real-time so you can view key metrics like total sales this month, total orders this month, and more right from Freshmarketer.

Email & SMS performance dashboard

Analyze campaign performance with key metrics to understand open rates, click rates, and more.

Revenue attribution

Track which campaigns are leading to higher conversions with attribution reports. Get insights into best-performing email, SMS, WhatsApp, and journey campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Improve website conversions with real-time data from A/B Testing, Heatmaps, Session Replay, and more

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Connect with your favorite tools and get work done faster

Freshmarketer is built to operate alongside other popular business tools seamlessly.

API Access

Integrate your account with third-party applications and connect to multiple data sources.


Scale with the Freshworks platform. Extend your experience by installing trusted applications with a single click.

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Connect your Shopify storefront to engage and support your customers across channels from one solution.

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Track and collect customer data from several customer touch points and send it to Freshmarketer to capture all important customer journey activities.


Access the most popular apps on Zapier, create zaps, and equip yourself with more automation.


Connect your WooCommerce storefront to engage and support your customers across channels from one solution.