Real-time Dashboard

Keep track of the customer experience you are delivering, with updated metrics on your first response time, average response time, and resolution times. Know if conversations are waiting to be assigned to team members, or if your teams are overloaded, and unable to respond in time.

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Response Speeds

How fast is your team when they are replying to conversations? Are they engaging well and are they resolving issues faster than needed? Get median values to understand your team’s response and resolution speeds through the day and compare the last thirty minutes or up to the last six hours.

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Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Is your team keeping your customers happy? See the ratings provided by customers for every conversation in real-time, and deep dive into the list of conversations, depending on satisfactory or unsatisfactory interactions. Access ratings per team member for conversations they resolved successfully.

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Incoming Conversations

Keep a close check on your conversation volume trend through the day. Identify spike hours or minutes on your website conversations and plan staffing better. Compare the current day’s volumes to the last week to identify deviations from the norm.

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Conversation Status Metrics

See how your key performance metrics trend over time - first response time, response times, and resolution times. Look at 90th percentile of the metrics, and averages, in addition to median values. See how the response times, resolution times of the current day compare to the volume of incoming conversations. Recognize patterns that are hampering your team’s rhythm and make data driven decisions.

conversation metrics

Monitor Team Member Performance

Measure team member performance by going through conversation summaries and activities. Keep a tab on all key team member metrics such as response times, resolution times, customer satisfaction ratings, and speed of response to measure team productivity. Use the information and trends to make data driven decisions to improve customer experience and to help your team perform better.

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