• Leads shared on Slack and other channels 

  • No clear ownership of leads among sales reps leading to chaos 

  • Manual repopulation of all the details on an excel sheet

  • An outdated VoIP platform to call customers


  • Meaningful customer engagements

  • Process automations

  • Enhanced team productivity

Product strengths

  • Drag-and-drop landing pages

  • Sales sequences 

  • Automation 

  • 360-degree view



increase in revenue



increase in deals


About Humn

Humn (Pronounced Hyoom) is a London-based insurtech company that combines IoT data with geospatial risk models to create usage-based insurance premiums for commercial auto. 

Humn offers two products:

RiskOS - Complete insurance risk analysis

Rideshur - Fleet insurance. 

As a specialist insurance tech company, Humn is transforming the industry by utilizing data to make highly personalized insurance quotations. AI algorithms present real-time options to business owners, simplifying the process of choosing a fleet insurance plan.


The challenges

Humn is on a mission to drive a data-driven insurance revolution. But, their vision and processes were not exactly on the same page. A team working on a future-ready insurtech solution was still stuck on spreadsheets.

  • Leads shared on Slack and other channels 

  • No clear ownership of leads among sales reps leading to chaos 

  • Manual repopulation of all the details on an excel sheet

  • An outdated VoIP platform to call customers 

With different versions of the same customer data floating across disparate systems, sales teams were spending most of their time organizing data and performing repetitive tasks with no single source of truth about customers.

The status quo was a nightmare for the entire team at Humn. While sales reps struggled to source and track leads on excel sheets, the marketing team relied hugely on other teams to launch campaigns and keep customers informed about upcoming events. To even create a simple landing page, they needed the support of developers and designers, increasing turnaround time and pushing critical campaign go-lives.

The lack of a unified platform to manage their end-to-end processes prevented them from catering to customer needs and enabling a seamless customer and employee experience. Humn’s need of the hour was a solution that brought marketing and sales teams together. The team was in search of a scalable solution that offers a 360-degree view of the customer on a unified platform.

“We spent most of our time filling in excel sheets and grinding under a ton of manual work.”


CRM Operations Manager


The Solution

Humn’s hunt for a single source of truth led them to Freshworks’ multi-product suite - Freshsales + Freshdesk. 

The Freshsales impact through the customer journey

Humn’s marketing team hugely depended on developers and designers for campaign activities, and bringing these different teams on the same page was a task. 

With Freshsales' drag-and-drop landing pages and marketing journey builders, the team now creates landing pages and sends out campaigns in minutes without depending on other teams. The ability to classify customers into specific segments based on various criteria and send relevant communications. They use these features extensively for brand building, retargeting, and customer communications to keep them informed about upcoming events and collate data through form fills on the page.

“I didn’t know creating a landing page could be this easy!”


CRM Operations Manager


Today, with sales sequences, when a customer signs up or makes an inquiry, the entire outreach process is automated. The complete engagement process is automated, ensuring that manual intervention occurs only when needed. 

Freshsales’ CRM module helps sales agents focus on meaningful customer engagements by leveraging the 360-degree view. It showcases customer data across multiple touchpoints and aligns internal marketing, sales, and support teams through a shared customer view. This also reduces dependencies on knowledge transfer once the onboarding team takes over, as all of the data is readily available in real-time.

With automation, the team’s productivity has increased multifold, as sales folks now focus their efforts on closures rather than manual data updates.


Integrating with Freshdesk for a better post-sales experience

After streamlining marketing and sales operations, Humn adopted Freshdesk to manage their post-sale support queries. Humn’s customers usually reach out with ad-hoc queries about their insurance plans or product usage. 

After implementing Freshdesk, the team has seen a considerable increase in CSAT and a drop in first response time, as they can quickly resolve queries.

The team now responds to customers quicker with features like canned responses and Round Robin agent assignment. Dedicated groups and custom ticket fields help resolve tickets faster, while the knowledge base on the website has reduced ticket volumes. 

The robust integration between the products Freshsales Suite and Freshdesk delights agents and customers. The seamless data flow between Freshdesk and Freshsales has elevated Humn’s support experience as an agent now has full context of a customer's journey, which helps them resolve queries without customers having to repeat themselves multiple times.

humn screenshot1 humn screenshot1



humn screenshot2 humn screenshot2



humn screenshot3 humn screenshot3

“Over the last year, we’ve acquired 10X more customers and are rapidly scaling. To our surprise and relief, through this busy phase, the time spent on administrative tasks by teams dropped by 20%.”


CRM Operations Manager


The journey ahead

Humn has scaled rapidly over the past year, has a B2C product launch planned, and aspires to scale across Europe in the coming years. As a business that heavily relies on data modeling for success, the team at Humn views Freshsales CRM as a critical part of their business. 

Humn is also keen on unifying the digital experience by consolidating all its applications on the Freshworks open-source API platform, Neo. With the adoption of Freshworks Neo, Humn is better equipped to streamline and transform the experience across myriad applications as the business continues to scale.