Streamline your sales processes and save time 

What is a Workflow? 

Salespeople spend a lot of time doing repetitive manual tasks every day —following up on leads, sending emails, raising invoices, updating fields, and more. With Workflows in Freshsales, you can sit back and let the system do the work for you. Create workflows on a simple point-and-click interface in a jiffy. Automate the most complex business processes effortlessly, reduce manual dependency, and save time to sell more. 

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How does it work? 

Workflows activate a series of actions based on AND/OR conditions. Create ‘If-Then’ rules based on field properties and trigger workflows. Choose from an array of actions that should be performed - create tasks, send emails/SMSs, reminders, update fields, assign records, trigger webhooks, and more. Automate monotonous manual tasks and improve the productivity of your sales teams.

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Create workflows instantly with templates

Choose from the existing pre-set templates and turn on your workflow with the click of a button. You can choose from various actions like sending a follow-up, adding a new deal, and more. You can also build a customized workflow with templates. Pick an existing template, add your preferred conditions, and quickly create a workflow of your choice instead of setting it up from scratch. 

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Automate complex processes with advanced workflows

Use nested conditions to trigger actions based on multiple factors with advanced workflows. Group your conditions under different categories and automate your preferred actions with a few clicks.

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Automate your sales tasks

Streamline your key tasks, increase efficiency, and improve task accuracy. With Workflows, you can let the system take care of processes for you, save time, and let you focus on selling more. 

Welcome new leads

Introduce yourself to new leads by setting up personalized welcome emails. 

Update contact status

Automatically update contact statuses with behavioral triggers, and move contacts to your customer onboarding pipeline. 

Send invoices

Set up invoices for prospects to be sent to them automatically when they convert to a customer. 

Qualify leads automatically

Understand the customer journey, and set triggers to automate lead qualification. Ensure that leads move forward without manual intervention. 

Convey the message

Always communicate at the right time by scheduling SMSs and emails for contacts as well as account owners.

Remember to follow up

As you grow, you might forget to follow up with a lead sometimes. With a follow-up workflow, never miss an opportunity.

Prepare for appointments

It might be hard to keep track of your appointments. Set up a reminder to allow time for preparation.

Send renewal reminders

For all your monthly/annual subscription renewals, you can schedule renewal reminders for subscribers

Personally wish on occasions

Never forget the important days. Schedule personalized emails for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions.