Get a
360-degree view of your customer’s information

Empower sales teams with a single view of the customer to deliver stellar experiences 

Table and Kanban View

Visualize data as a table, list or kanban board, or get a summary and access quick actions to perform tasks at scale.

Learn more about Modern Views

Activity Timeline

Understand customer's engagement with your business with a chronological view of their interactions across the website, app, and more.

Details Section

Get an in-depth understanding of your contacts across modules, apps, and touchpoints.

Highlight Cards

Highlight modules, activities, meetings, sales sequences, and last contacted information for actionable insights.


Connect with your customers where they are 

Engage with context on the customer's preferred channel from the CRM


Connect your inbox and Freshsales with two-way email sync and map incoming emails with the right contacts. Create and send customized campaigns with ready-to-use email templates.

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Chat Campaigns

Deliver personalized messages on chat with trigger-based campaigns. Generate and qualify leads and reduce chat drop-off with custom chatbots.
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Phone (Holiday Routing)

Handle voice interactions with high-quality calls, auto-log and record calls, and monitor metrics. Plan and manage call routing, greetings, and voicemails during holidays. 

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Interact with customers and provide real-time support across channels like WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, and LINE.

SMS integration

Connect Freshsales with your SMS provider to  send updates on SMSand boost team productivity with workflows and bots.


Integrate Freshsales and Zoom to schedule, host, and join virtual meetings right from your CRM.


Improve sales productivity with automation

Boost your teams’ efficiency by automating repetitive and complex tasks


Automate sales processes and reduce manual effort using conditions or event-based triggers.
Learn more about Workflows 

Sales Sequences

Set up engaging outreach campaigns with day-based or behavior-based trigger and also manage follow-ups and reminders.
Learn more about Sales Sequences 

Territory Management 

Segment and prioritize prospects according to rules, and identify key territories with built-in metrics.

Auto-profile Enrichment

Get better context about your prospects with accurate, auto-filled data on their social and publicly available information.


Auto-route conversations to the right customer expert or team based on skill level, conversation limits, and other factors.


Close deals and grow revenue 

Build and track fully customized sales processes for your organization

Multiple Sales Pipelines

Create custom pipelines to visualize deal progress and define sales stages to align with your business needs.

Weighted Pipeline

Assign probability across stages, track your deals’ conversion and forecast revenue. 

Configure Price Quote

Generate and track invoices, quotes, and documents with custom templates and auto-sync them with deals.
Learn more about CPQ 

Activity Goals

Define and track goals for your sales teams based on the number of closed deals and revenue, on a daily, weekly, or quarterly basis.

Product Catalog

Maintain your product inventory and configure pricing models, tax brackets and discounts in multiple currencies. 

Connect with Slack

Auto-sync conversations about deals between Slack and Freshsales and collaborate across your teams. 


Make smarter decisions with in-depth analytics and AI

Measure performance with visual reports and enhance your productivity with AI-powered predictions

Contact Scoring

Identify and prioritize the most sales-ready prospects with scores assigned by Freddy AI based on positive and negative signals.
Learn more about Contact Scoring

Deal Insights

Predict deal closure with Freddy AI insights based on historical sales data, engagement, and activities.
Learn more about deal insights

Next Best Action 

Use smart suggestions from Freddy AI to detect OOO, manage calendars, reschedule appointments, and set up tasks. 

Sales Forecasting

Predict sales performance and revenue and target high-intent deals based on past sales data.

Reports and Dashboards 

Stay on top of key metrics and make data-led decisions with pre-built or custom reports and visual dashboards.

Sales Reports

Track team performance and identify bottlecks with sales cycle, velocity, and activity reports
Learn more about sales reports


Modify your CRM to fit your needs

Personalize your account to reflect your business

Custom Sales Activities

Create activities specific to your sales process, define desired outcomes and track their progress.

Learn more about Custom Sales Activities

Contact Lifecycle Stages

Track a prospect through their buying journey with unique contact lifecycle stages and sub-stages.

Layout Customization

Create custom fields,  groups, and modules to align with your business process and capture relevant information.

Multi-Currency and Multi-Language

View and manage data in your preferred language and handle transactions in 150+ currencies.
Learn more about multi-currency and multi-language


Define roles and permission levels to ensure data security 

Add users to roles, specify permissions and define the scope of control

Role-based Access

Manage and regulate data access to your team by creating roles and setting permissions at record level.

Record Types

Define data types across modules to help users update and consume information according to their roles

Classify data in modules so that users in different roles can consume and update data in the CRM in different ways.

Scope and permissions 

Configure permissions for individual fields and govern data access to critical data with global, restricted, or territory access.

Audit Logs

Track and filter all actions like edits, deletions, or configuration changes made in a chronological order.


Run your sales from your phone

Close more deals on the go

Call Logs and Voice Notes

Automatically log calls, associate them with contacts, and take notes for context in future.

Offline Mode

Access data even when you are offline or have poor connectivity and sync it when back online.

Quick Links and Notifications 

Instantly access documents with quick links and get real-time push notifications for meeting and upcoming tasks.

Google Maps & Uber

Locate your contact easily and hail an Uber for your on-site meetings right from the mobile app.


Send personalized SMS in bulk or to individuals and receive responses via Twilio, Zipwhip, and ClickSend.

Zoom Meetings

Schedule or join Zoom meetings from your mobile device.


Connect the CRM with your favorite apps

Freshsales is built to integrate with applications that you use every day

API Access

Integrate your account with third-party applications and connect to multiple data sources.


Scale with the Freshworks platform. Bring in Slack, Gong, G Suite, Xero, Outlook, and other apps into your CRM.

Learn more about Marketplace

Connect Freshsales with your favorite tools