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  • Inability to track bottlenecks
  • Poor collaborative capabilities
  • Lack of accurate data for reporting
Favourite Features 
  • Graphical Workflow Automator
  • Team Huddle
  •  Advanced Analytics
About HelloFresh

HelloFresh SE is the leading global meal-kit company and operates in the U.S., the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, and Sweden. HelloFresh delivered 67 million meals to 2.4 million active customers worldwide in Q2 2019 (April 1 - June 30, 2019). HelloFresh was founded in Berlin in November 2011 and went public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in November 2017. HelloFresh has offices in New York, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Sydney, Toronto, Auckland, and Copenhagen.

The problem statement 

HelloFresh was using forms and spreadsheets to manage and track the incidents of the company on an ad-hoc basis. With evolving needs and growing operations, this was proving to be inadequate. Some of the challenges HelloFresh faced included: 

  •  Error-prone and manual work 

  •  Inability to identify and track bottlenecks 

  •  Dependencies on multiple channels for cross-departmental   collaboration 

  •  No traceability in task management

  •  Lack of clean & accurate data for external and internal reporting 

Requirements for the new solution 

HelloFresh was on the lookout for a service management solution that standardises the approach to incident management and centralizes information flow, leading to a single source of truth for all incident-related data. 

The primary requirements included: 

  • Elimination of redundant data entry and collection
  • Automate generation of tasks for all relevant departments
  • Ensure collection of all relevant information
  • Transparency of all incidents and all related communication
  • API integration with HelloFresh existing supply chain tools 
  • Easy to use across teams 
Deciding on Freshservice 

Freshservice being out-of-box and easy to deploy was able to meet all of HelloFresh’s requirements. In addition, HelloFresh found great value in Freshservice’s ability to : 

  • Link incidents to a given HelloFresh ingredient for better reporting
  • Completely customisable workflows
  • Schedule custom reports 
Winning with Freshservice 

The Incident Command System implemented with Freshservice has allowed teams at HelloFresh to improve the tracking and quality of their data and work together to resolve incidents in a timely and sufficient manner. 

Improved operational efficiency 

HelloFresh streamlined operations by improving visibility into their ecosystem. The quick filtering of incidents has allowed agents to stay on top of high priority incidents. HelloFresh was able to auto-identify and categorise incoming incidents with Freshservice’s intelligent incidents workflows. Additionally, the ability to identify incidents based on the incident ID and attach particular SKUs to it helped identify problematic ingredients. 

Increased accountability across departments 

HelloFresh has been able to create a flexible cross-department platform with Freshservice. HelloFresh effortlessly set up workflows spanning multiple teams to improve process visibility and task allocation. Setting up automated notifications, escalations and status updates has helped improve processes across the company. 

Improved collaboration with context 

HelloFresh fostered a culture of collaboration amongst its agents with the help of Team Huddle, Freshservice’s chat feature. The collaboration was made with the ability to instantaneously tag a colleague, discuss solutions and gain context. Agents ditched back and forth email communication to collect incidents and resolved queries with full context with custom incident description fields. Christopher Pruess, VP Operations DACH mentions, “The employees have adopted Freshservice effortlessly and enjoy the benefits of interdepartmental collaboration in one single tool. The intuitive user experience has accelerated this adoption tremendously.” 

Continuous improvement of operational processes 

HelloFresh identified areas of improvement with Freshservice’s robust reporting and advanced analytics. HelloFresh made data-backed decisions based on their analysis of products, suppliers and internal performance. The quality of data available due to the automated creation of tasks and notifications has enabled process optimisation across the company. The dashboard view has allowed for easy viewing of all metrics in one place. HelloFresh found great value in the ease of exporting this data from Freshservice to drive key decisions. 

Increased compliance 

HelloFresh has exercised greater visibility and transparency of costs associated with incidents thanks to a clear and precise tracking with Freshservice. The close collaboration of Finance and Procurement within the same platform has lead to easier follow up on claims and credits and therefore improved revenue collection. 

Future with Freshservice 

On seeing success with Freshservice in Germany, HelloFresh is currently analyzing potential international expansion in other markets.

“We have found great value in Freshservice’s configurable workflows, unified portal and the ability to set up the platform in local languages. We believe this will help the way we manage incidents across our locations to provide the best experience for our customers.”

Anne-Marie Letourneau

International Operations Project Manager