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Meet Freshworks’ AI-driven Customer Service Suite

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Unified experiences, supercharged with AI

Discover our new product capabilities and solutions from the first half of 2023.


Freddy AI in FreshchatUnified agent workspaceTelephony as a channelTask management

Freddy Self Service, Freddy Copilot, and Freddy Insights

Available now: Freddy Self Service powers bot experiences to deliver a personalized, natural conversation on any channel.

Now in beta: Freddy Copilot helps agents respond faster with auto-complete capabilities, tone selection, and conversation summarization.

Coming soon: Automated recommendations for bot building and deployment with conversational prompts with Freddy Insights and Copilot.

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Freddy AI in FreshdeskSkill-based routingCustomizable reportsConnect Freshdesk-Freshchat

Freddy Copilot and Freddy Insights

Now in beta: Use Freddy Copilot to boost agent productivity by summarizing tickets for easy collaboration, enabling agents to enhance the tone in their response, and generating knowledge base articles on the fly. 

Coming soon (Q3): Speed up resolution times by using Freddy Copilot to create elaborate responses from basic prompts. Improve agent performance with Freddy Insights by providing proactive training and recommendations based on analysis of previous support interactions.

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Freddy AI in FreshsalesDeal to quote

Freddy Copilot

Now in beta: Use Freddy to generate compelling email copy and content based on your campaign’s mood and tone for personalized outreach at scale. 

Coming soon: Sales agents can enhance their emails by using Freddy to help with rephrasing, expanding, and improving the tone, and creating compelling messages that align with their brand.

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Freddy AI for FreshmarketerWooCommerce integrationE-commerce integrations

Freddy Copilot

Now in beta: Write personalized, engaging subject lines in different styles and tones to improve campaign effectiveness. 

Coming soon: Create highly effective campaigns by using Freddy to help identify the ideal target audience, generate email copy, personalize product recommendations, and suggest optimal timing for campaigns.

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Freddy AI in FreshserviceMajor incident managementBusiness impact of changeTicket collaboration Business Teams

Freddy Self Service, Freddy Copilot, and Freddy Insights

Now in beta: Freddy AI provides employees with improved intelligent self-service, using personalized contextual responses for issue resolution and request fulfillment. Freddy Copilot improves the productivity of IT staff by providing reply suggestions and generating resolution summaries. 

Coming soon: Use Freddy Insights to identify trending issues and opportunities for automation.

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Freshworks Neo Platform

Freddy AIGlobal Apps FrameworkFreshsurvey enhancements

Freddy Copilot for developers

Now in beta: Develop innovative, high-quality, reliable apps faster with Freddy’s generative AI capabilities. With instant code generation using conversational prompts, and one-click action for review, documentation, and publishing, developers get to focus on solving actual business problems. 

Coming soon: Further boost developer productivity with instant code generation from designs.

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