Seamless customer experience

Provide the best, most streamlined customer experience across channels with flexible technology that makes customer support a strategic differentiator.

Freshdesk Omnichannel offers the scale and customizability that supports your growth. Our open and extensible architecture allows seamless integration of mission-critical business systems through our App Marketplace and APIs.

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The enterprise customer engagement platform for

fast-growing businesses

3.5 billion 
daily ticket interactions
120+ countries
where customers are served
42 languages
13 offices
across 4 continents
1+ billion 
API calls serviced every day

Power to Scale

Leverage the  Freshworks platform to deliver a secure, stress-free solution for your modern enterprise.

Execute your strategy on a cloud platform that can handle global scale and volumes, along with the workflow needs of large, complex organizations.

Connect all your tools and data with our extensive catalog of partner solutions, more than 1000 marketplace apps, and robust APIs.

Furthermore, our certifications and standards demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding your customer and business data.

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Scale your operations with AI & bots

Automate customer service so that you can scale your operations without adding headcount.  Keep resolutions quick with our conversational AI and chatbots. Improve your agent onboarding and efficiency, and keep the team productive with agent-assist bots.

  • Reduce ticket volumes and deliver 24/7 support with Freddy, our AI engine
  • Provide proactive support by detecting online frustration signals
  • Configure and operationalize bots quickly, without coding
predictive customer service predictive customer service

Take control of your support operations 

Freshdesk provides management tools to optimize your end-to-end customer service operations. Help your agents drive customer satisfaction and loyalty with a set of features that drives efficiency across the team. 

  • Monitor support operations with metrics on real-time dashboards
  • Forecast ticket trends and plan staffing levels effectively
  • Reduce the impact of setting and workflow changes by testing in your own private Sandbox environment
  • Measure SLAs and CSAT scores to enable data-driven decisions that enhance the customer experience
  • Get complete visibility into all changes made on your Freshdesk with audit logs
data driven happiness data driven happiness

Personalize at scale

The more context you have about your customers, the more you can personalize their experience. As you scale, your customer operations span multiple teams and tools. Eliminate data silos by creating a 360-degree view of the customer across marketing, sales and support. Deliver personalized service without making customers repeat themselves. 

  • Maintain a unified view of the customer with all the context from past interaction history across channels
  • Identify and prioritize premium clients by routing them to priority queues
  • Leverage rich customer context with Custom Objects to reduce resolution time and improve team efficiency
be where your customers want you to be be where your customers want you to be

Support in your customer’s language

Freshdesk provides the ability to completely customize the customer experience for multilingual needs. We now support 42 languages to meet the needs of customers all around the globe.

  • Multilingual customer self-service
  • Multilingual email and agent notifications
  • Localization of ticket fields
  • Multilingual customer satisfaction surveys
  • Live translations on chat
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