The Serverless and Eventbridge Advantage

Secure, scalable, and reliable

Reduce operational overhead with no servers to manage. Pay for the events you publish.

Automate complex workflows

Automate specific and critical tasks allowing AWS Lambda to respond to events.

More freedom to customers

View events in desired locations and have them interact with other AWS services easily.



Auto-scale with Serverless

Serverless is the tool of choice for you to achieve complex workflows
and scale on-demand. Be it scheduled events to periodically push data
to downstream systems, or product events to execute event-driven
operations based on requesters and tickets, we have it all covered.

Auto scale with serverless Auto scale with serverless

Improve Customer Insights

Simplify reporting and analytics providing an end-to-end view of customers. Stream your support ticket data into AWS in real-time to leverage customer information for BI and Analytics.

Improve Customer Insights Improve Customer Insights


Make Better Decisions with

Sentiment Analysis and ML

AI can better understand customer intent and elevate your customer experience, and increase employee productivity. Now apply ML to support events to provide sentiment analysis that can be leveraged for automated self-service.

Make better decisions with sentiment analysis and ML Make better decisions with sentiment analysis and ML

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