Enterprise-grade security controls

Customizable password policy

Customize your password policy in terms of password length, character restrictions, reusability conditions, and resets. Or go passwordless and generate magic links for easy access.

customizable password policy customizable password policy



Single sign-on

Make logging into Freshworks accounts seamless for your users by integrating popular identity providers such as Okta, OneLogin, Azure AD, and more. The Neo admin center supports various standard protocols like SAML, OAuth2, OIDC, and JWT.

Single sign-on Single sign-on



Two-factor authentication

Enforce 2FA for user login and enhance security. With combinations such as password and phone/email-based OTP, among others, 2FA introduces a new layer of security, without hampering login simplicity.

two-factor authentication two-factor authentication



Audit logs

Get a comprehensive report of user login activities including a dedicated log of billing activities. With a tab on all such activities within your accounts, monitor suspicious attempts and nip threat actors in the bud.

Audit logs Audit logs

Seamless multi-product billing capabilities

All subscription access

Get a bird’s eye view of all your Freshworks subscriptions, across products, at one go. Easily manage your plans across products*, as well as payment modes.

All subscription access All subscription access



Invoices and payment information

Update payment information, billing or shipping address, and billing frequencies, across subscriptions. Track invoices, and download them for quick access.

Invoices and payment information Invoices and payment information



Self-serve capabilities

Buy additional licenses or add-ons, and upgrade plans at your own pace from a unified portal.

Self-serve capabilities Self-serve capabilities

Simplified administration and manageability

Unified organization

Access all your accounts within one Organization from the Neo Admin Center. You can view all your Freshworks accounts at a glance or create accounts for new products directly from your organization dashboard.

Unified organization Unified organization



User account management

Ensure that your teams have the right levels of access to the right resources, with a central repository. Streamline onboarding, and offboarding, and manage all users from one dashboard.

User Account management User Account management



User profile management

Manage details of all user profiles, including security controls mandated at individual levels. Make quick changes to user profiles, across products without having to switch between different screens.

User profile management User profile management

For more information on the Neo Admin Center, view and download the datasheet!

Come rain or shine, your security is our priority

Security by design

Over 50,000 customers across the globe trust us with their data security. We back ourselves up with robust data security and privacy practices that form an integral part of our product engineering and service delivery principles. 

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We conform to global regulations and industry practices to maintain our customer's data privacy and security. All our products provide GDPR-ready capabilities to help our customers meet their compliance obligations. 

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