Your customers are lining up. ;)


Provide effortless experiences

Connect your LINE accounts and bring all your LINE conversations, including images and hyperlinks, into your Freshchat. Handle all your conversations from one place with ‘Team inbox.’ View and prioritize conversations that need immediate attention - let your customers know you’re there for them.








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Automate with bots

Deploy your chatbots on LINE so your customers can get instant responses to their questions 24x7. Engage and delight your customers by automating resolutions. With seamless and contextual agent handovers, you can save time for both your customers and agents.













Keep it contextual

Map every LINE account to the relevant Topic and Group inside Freshchat so the conversations are routed to the right agents in your team. This way customers reaching your support for billing-related issues are automatically routed to the Billing group.



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There's more!

Take service to customers

Bring conversations from web, mobile, and social messengers under one inbox

Plug-in and use

Connect with all your third party apps and tools for real-time conversations on order related issues and more.

Secure your data

Secure with OTP authentication, privacy modes, HIPAA, and GDPR compliance.

Manage multiple business hours

for your support teams working across different regions and timezones.

Support customers worldwide

with our Live Translate feature. Our agent platform and messenger supports over 32 languages.

Control agent access

with advanced roles and permissions. Customize profiles to specify what an agent can see and do.

Reach your customers where they are!