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First contact resolution is no longer enough.
Zero contact resolution is the way to go

Scaling issues for growing businesses

High growth businesses experience a massive increase in customer and customer service volume which the team isn’t ready to handle, yet..

Complicated support systems

Agents juggle between multiple traditional channels (phone, email, and live chat) while customers endure excruciatingly long wait times.

Customer irks

Customers are already frustrated when they reach out and it doesn’t help when they repeat issues across teams or made to wait for a long time or are asked to get later appointments for help.

Customers expect simple solutions

Traditional channels like phone and email require multiple collaborations between internal teams and long running customer service processes.

Reactive support is too slow

By the time agents understand the issue of the customer, and route them to the right teams, the customer is frustrated at the support experience and the issue itself

Zero contact resolution is the solution for the future,
presented today by Freshchat

Offer ZCR for continuous conversations at scale

  • Brands that have a high growth make use of digital-first customer service.
  • With a self-service and automation-powered process, brands don’t worry about training hundreds of new agents as they scale up.
Offer ZCR for continuous conversations at scale Offer ZCR for continuous conversations at scale

Serve ZCR everywhere

  • With Omnichannel customer service, solve the problems that are created with multiple channels.
  • Support customers who reach out from all your supported channels in a single place without delay.
  • Achieve ZCR with robust self-service and automations powered by AI across your support channels.
Serve ZCR everywhere Serve ZCR everywhere

Deliver ZCR to enhance your customer experience

  • Freshchat offers you the right set of tools that enable great self-service coverage, perfect answer suggestions, and AI-powered automations that are easy to set up.
  • When customers experience zero contact resolution, they are no longer bound by the limitations of conventional channels like live chat.
Deliver ZCR to enhance your customer experience Deliver ZCR to enhance your customer experience

Your customers expect uncomplicated solutions

Digital customer services are able to handle transactional customer service processes and simpler, repetitive interactions. Achieve zero contact resolution thanks to the power of digital-first customer service by Freshchat.

Your customers expect uncomplicated solutions. Your customers expect uncomplicated solutions.

Learn how Dunzo resolves 48% of customer queries without human intervention enabling them to save 30% in support costs.

What more do you get with Freshchat?

Omnichannel support

Let your customers reach you, wherever they are: WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, etc.

 AI-powered chatbots

AI-powered automations that delight customers and get their intent - helping with faster, zero contact resolution.

Graceful agent transfers

Your bot can also gracefully transfer to an agent when issues require empathy and personal attention.


Reach out to customers with proactive campaigns, targeted emails, in-app and push messages to your customers, before they reach you.

Effortless integrations

Freshchat marketplace lets you integrate the tools that you use into your messaging workflow to get all the context you need in one place.

Built on Neo, the enterprise platform tuned for scaling

Meet your expanding customer needs with the open and flexible Freshworks Platform. Access rich APIs for custom integrations, automated workflows, smart analytics, ecosystem partner solutions, and hundreds of Marketplace Apps. 

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