Effective Date 
June 19, 2023

Freshworks (“us”, “our”, or “we”) respects the intellectual property rights of trademark owners, and expects you (or the entity you represent), and all users of the Freshworks websites (“Websites”) and Freshworks services (“Services”) to do the same. This policy provides information about our policies and procedures regarding any alleged violations of trademark rights.

Trademark Violations

Generally, trademarks are names, brand names, logos, words, phrases, or designs that distinguish the source of a product or service.

For the purposes of this policy, a trademark violation is any infringement or unauthorized use of a trademark on or through our Websites or Services in a manner that is misleading, deceptive, or is likely to confuse others or cause mistake about the source of a product or service. 

If you are a trademark owner or an authorized representative of a trademark owner and you reasonably believe any of those trademark rights are violated in connection with our Websites or Services, you may provide us with a trademark violation notice.

The following information is provided for the exclusive purpose of reporting trademark rights violations.

Keep in mind that not all unauthorized use of a trademark is infringement or a violation of this policy. For example, using a trademark for products or services that are unrelated to yours, or in a different country or territory where you have trademark rights, may not be infringing. Also, using a trademark to review, criticize, or to simply refer to a product or service by its name may qualify as fair use that does not violate this policy.

Please note that trademark laws vary in different countries and territories, and that Freshworks cannot provide you with legal advice and will not mediate a trademark dispute between you and another party.

For these reasons, we strongly encourage you to speak to an attorney if you have any questions about trademark law, and that you first attempt to contact the offending party directly to resolve your trademark dispute.

If you or your attorneys are unable to resolve a trademark dispute directly, you may submit a trademark violation notice to us that includes the information described below.

If your notice is incomplete, we may be delayed or unable to investigate or respond to your notice. If your notice does not include any information marked as required*, we will not accept your notice.

Your information will be used to contact you and address your trademark claims. Your notice and your contact information may be forwarded to the parties alleged to be in violation of your trademark rights. 

If you are a Freshworks user and your account has been affected by a trademark violation notice, you may reach out directly to the trademark owner for a retraction of the notice unless you are the owner of the trademark in said notice in which case you may reach out to support@freshworks.com with valid proof of ownership

Trademark Violation Notices

To report a trademark violation, please submit the following information to us in writing:

If we determine that your notice complies with these requirements, we will investigate the matter, provide notice to the parties alleged to be in violation of your trademark rights, and upon advice of counsel, take down, or disable access to the offending material.

We reserve the right to take any and all action (including no action) in connection with a trademark violation notice in our sole discretion.

Be advised that if we comply with any trademark violation notice you submit, you may be responsible for initiating actions that may expose you or us to legal liability. You may be subject to severe legal consequences if you submit false claims to us, including injunctions or money damages (including court costs and attorneys’ fees) incurred by anyone injured by your claims, such as any alleged infringer, the trademark owner or its licensees, or us.

If you are unsure whether any materials on our Websites or Services violate your trademark rights, you should consult an attorney before submitting a notice to us.

If you are a Freshworks user, submitting false claims may result in suspension or termination of your user account. Do not submit false claims. 


If you submitted a trademark violation notice by mistake, or would otherwise like to retract your notice, please provide us with the following: 


All notices under this policy should be submitted by email to legal@freshworks.com.

Termination Policy

Please be advised that we have adopted and enforced a policy of termination in appropriate circumstances against users who are repeat infringers. In addition, we reserve the right at all times to suspend or terminate your account according to our Terms of Service.