Freshworks Software Academy (FWSA) is a social impact (CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative powered by Freshworks India Private limited (popularly known as Freshworks) for students from low income families who are unable to afford conventional college education but have the right motivation, aptitude to learn software skills & have a strong desire to start their career in technology.

So if you are someone who has the vigour to learn but does not have the means to afford it, then this program is for you.

Our Philosophy

To truly understand the meaning of Social Impact for Freshworks, we looked inwards. We reflected on who we are, where we come from and the struggles that have shaped us. The humans of Freshworks and their stories carried the answers


Freshworks is a place where skill & craftsmanship is celebrated over pedigree. Several employees, including our very own CEO and CTO aren’t from Tier-1/Ivy league educational institutions. We come from modest backgrounds, with self taught skills and a determination to capitalize on the opportunities presented to us, and have made it this far. Furthermore, a sizable portion of our employees hail from remote villages & tier-2 cities across Tamilnadu. This is who we are. This is the common story of grit & perseverance of a lot of humans who constitute our Kudumba. 


In our efforts to give back, when we looked at our community, we observed the predicament of youth from low income families who have the aptitude and more importantly, desire to learn,  but are unable to afford conventional college education. Left with no other option, to sustain livelihood, they seem to be invariably pushed to take up menial jobs and end up being stuck in permanent cycles of poverty. All they needed was one good opportunity. As an organization, what we understand and do best is build software. We decided to teach this skill and give that one opportunity to these deserving young adults in an attempt to empower them and transform their lives. The result of this, has been our Freshworks Software Academy. The success of these students is going to be our success.